Natural Law and the Social Contract

IS THE CONSTITUTION A SOCIAL CONTRACT? Click to access is-the-constitution-a-social-contract.pdf COMPARING THE SOCIAL CONTRACTS OF HOBBES AND LOCKE Click to access comparing-the-social-contracts-of-hobbes-and-locke.pdf THE SOCIAL CONTRACT RENEGOTIATED: PROTECTING PUBLIC LAW VALUES IN THE AGE OF CONTRACTING Click to access the-social-contract-renegotiated-protecting-public-law-values-in-the-age-of-contracting.pdf Extract from Shaw v The State of Western Australia Attorney General Mr Jim McGINTY [2004] WASC 144 (at 11) “I must confess, with all due respect to the plaintiffs, that I have no idea what is intended by these pleas. The assertion … Continue reading Natural Law and the Social Contract
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