Tatana v Commonwealth DPP [2011] VSC 367

Tatana v Commonwealth DPP [2011] VSC 367:

The applicant, who appears in person, seeks to appeal to this Court from orders made by the Magistrates’ Court at Melbourne on 22 February 2011. On that day, the Magistrates’ Court struck out a multitude of charges filed by the applicant ostensibly as a “Commonwealth Public Official” against 17 persons under the Criminal Code Act 1995. The charges ranged from perverting the judicial power of the Commonwealth, producing false and misleading documents to a Commonwealth entity, making false and misleading statements and documents to a Commonwealth entity, obtaining by deception property belonging to a Commonwealth entity, conspiracy to defraud a Commonwealth entity, obstructing a Commonwealth public official and obtaining a financial advantage by deception from a Commonwealth entity.

The references to Chapter III of the Constitution and the judicial power of the Commonwealth make no sense, the references to Mr Tatana being a Commonwealth public official are silly, and the balance seems to be directed at impeaching the judicial authority of court and the significance of the Commonwealth referendum of 1999. It is simply not possible to distil from the notice of appeal any question of law.

I am afraid to say this is all nonsensical and cannot be taken seriously.

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