Fallon v NSW Government Office of State Revenue State Debt Recovery Office [2013] FCA 270

The applicant sought a “permanent, prohibitory injunction” ordering the Roads and Maritime Service of New South Wales to lift a suspension on and reinstate his driver’s licence and vehicle registration, and otherwise “reconduct business” with him, after the RMS had issued an enforcement order in relation to a $450 speeding fine which had not been paid. In Fallon v NSW Government Office of State Revenue State Debt Recovery Office [2013] FCA 270, the applicant claimed that Leonard Russell Fallon, LEONARD RUSSELL FALLON, Mr Fallon, FALLON, RUSSELL LEONARD and other variants are all different legal entities, that he legitimately converted the Enforcement Order into a Bill of Exchange, and therefore he had satisfied the full debt with a promissory note for $1 and a postage stamp.