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WeRe Bank is a movement which has come to the attention of the UK Financial Conduct Authority and other governing bodies. Created by previous strawman persona Alan Peter Smith, now known as “Peter of England,” following his public declaration and notification to The Crown and the Holy Roman Empire) based on his concept of “Universal Energy Transfer” and closely linked with his “Re Movement – political party.” The Movement is described as, “providing an alternative to the present banking system” that Peter of England describes as, “fraudulent, corrupt and inherently criminal.” England claims to have support “both on planet and off planet” for his project. The concept has gained publicity mainly via websites promoting alternative lifestyles, conspiracy theories and fringe theories.

The basis of WeRe Bank’s philosophy for financial liberation is that of the “promissory note, futures contract,” The Bank Charter Act 1844 and The Bills of Exchange Act 1882 (UK) which Peter of England claims to use successfully to provide “lawful backing to the issuance of cheques” for the payment exclusively of debt burdens incurred by WeRe Bank of England members. He claims in effect that the “promissory notes lodged with Were Bank by its members allow them to create “debt eradication” payment instruments which have the same validity and effect as the presentment of a Bank of England or any other Central Bank issued “chose in action /promisory note”.

In addition Peter of England’s Were Bank of England issues an alternative monetary exchange unit, “THI” is the Re unit of currency, effectively a time-based currency – TIME Time Is Moving Energy where members can be credited with units according to the energy they expend over a periodicity. Peter of England states in this regard that while it is possible to have time without money it is impossible to have money without the expenditure of time”. The most prominent feature of the concept is the “WeRe Bank cheque books” provided by Peter of England to Re Movement members. These have the appearance of a standard British bank cheque, and several websites have encouraged their readers to become WeRe members and attempt to use the cheques to settle debts such as mortgage arrears, loan repayments or utility bills. Because WeRe Bank is not a bank within the British Cheque and Credit Clearing Company system or even a company, and because WeRe Bank does not subscribe to the standards of the UK Payments Administration nor any of the world’s clearing houses, the payees will not receive payment of the amounts on the cheques, meaning that the debt is unpaid, and can be increased by late payment fees, return check charges and legal costs.

Financial regulators in the UK (including the Financial Conduct Authority and the Financial Ombudsman Service) and in several other jurisdictions have published warnings to the public about WeRe Bank.

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The Guardian: “Warning over bank that promises to write off debts“:

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In Royal Bank of Canada v Anderson [2022] ABQB 354, Sandra Ann Anderson attempted to pay off her mortgage debt with a bizarre “WeRe Bank Economic Impact Payment Voucher“. Rooke ACJ discussed the “money for nothing” scam (at 25-29). 

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It bears what are identified as the signatures of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the current federal Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos, who at that time was the President of the Treasury Board of Canada, and Sandra Anderson as “Beneficiary”. It purports that a $158,574.39 payment is made on the basis of the US Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act of 2020.

In 2015 the WeRe Bank and Peter of England sold gullible and greedy persons packets of “WeRe Cheques”, documents that at a first glance appear to be bank cheques drawn from an institution called the WeRe Bank. However, WeRe Cheques were useless, since Peter of England only promised to pay cheque holders in a fictitious currency, “Re”, “units of space and time”.

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The WeRe Bank scheme is reviewed in detail in Servus Credit Union Ltd v Parlee, 2015 ABQB 700, where the WeRe Bank’s customers were farmers who lost their property as a consequence of this money for nothing pseudolaw scam. Master Schlosser concluded the WeRe Bank and WeRe Cheques were worthless and fraud (at 61-62):

“The first basic reason why the WeRe Cheque was not a payment is simply because WeRe Bank is a fraud. It is not a regulated UK bank. The WeRe Bank never promises to make payments to recipients of WeRe Cheques. It only transfers “Re” energy units. It might as well promise to transfer magic beans. Imaginary energy units are not a form of currency and they do not pay debts.”

It appears, in a sense, that Peter of England’s schemes have matured somewhat. He at least now claims to be transferring actual money. As for how a fictitious bank in the UK would transfer money from US COVID-relief programs, via Prime Minister Trudeau, Ms. Anderson’s WeRe Bank “Voucher” is accompanied by another WeRe Bank document that appears to be instructions from Peter of England on the operation of this scheme.


Rooke ACJ conceded that he would not attempt to summarize this money for nothing scheme, because, as Peter of England himself explains, its operation is beyond the comprehension of legally trained persons:

“Your legal departments are totally unprepared and unsuited to understand the Vouchers intricacy or provide advice upon handling it: they are poorly educated and absolutely unconscious of the methods of PUBLIC versus private side money generation/creation systems, and in the main ignorantly stupid.”

Rooke ACJ concluded, on a balance of probabilities, that Ms. Anderson was perfectly well aware that the WeRe Bank documents had no legal value, and that she had not paid her mortgage via the “Voucher”. His Honour also found in fact and law that the WeRe Bank “Voucher” was a fraudulent document, falsely purporting to be affiliated with the Canadian government, and that the signatures of Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Duclos on the “Voucher” were forgeries, and again, found on a balance of probabilities that Ms. Anderson knew that, and so her advancing the “Voucher” as an authentic document, and claiming that document had almost $160 thousand dollars in value, was a criminal act.