Australian Pseudolaw Argumentation

On 8 January 2023 I released a free 10-page draft version of a new text, titled Australian Pseudolaw Argumentation, which is a brief overview, as opposed to explaining the nuances of the 100 most commonly used individual pseudolaw motifs. I have characterised and grouped these into a larger indicia or species of pseudo legal thought, consistent with the format of the six core concepts found in the pseudolaw memeplex, as observed by Dr Donald Netolitzky KC:

(1) Everything is a contract
(2) Silence means agreement
(3) Legal action requires an injured party
(4) Government authority is defective or limited
(5) The strawman duality
(6) Monetary and banking conspiracy theories

I have nearly completed the final edition of this now extended text, which in effect, takes into explanatory footnotes all of the referenced material in each of the subject matter articles linked to in the 10-page draft edition, converting it into a now 60-page stand-alone document, complete with around 1000 reference links. Just like the draft edition, embedded hyperlinks are not to webpages, but solely to permanent pdf files in the huge library of case law and academic literature compiled on the website.

The final edition of Australian Pseudolaw Argumentation will be ready for publishing and purchase in late February 2023.