Robert Sudy is a seasoned researcher of pseudo legal theory, having been involved with the movement on social media in Australia for close to a decade. The mythology behind most pseudo legal concepts is extremely peculiar, and understanding the concepts requires journey into the conspiratorial and demon-haunted mystical shadow world of the online community.

Robert’s personal journey into “The Freeman Delusion” begins with himself being firmly convinced of the “commercial argument”, passing on the information to others online for several years, and applying the strategies in driving and several other matters.

After New South Wales Magistrate David Heilpern patiently took the time to comprehensively reject all the arguments contended in his final judgment, Robert’s search for a hint of legal merit in the theories gathered momentum.

Armed with a thorough understanding of the concepts theorised, he took the “devil’s advocate” approach through 7 years of online debates with some of the most prominent leaders in the movement, both in Australia and overseas. He concurrently researched how the individual arguments were rejected previously in the higher courts, and dividing legal fact from pseudo legal fiction, slowly debunked the fundamentals one by one.

The conclusions reached in his journey are compiled in this comprehensive analysis of hundreds of separate and yet connected pseudo legal theories, citing thousands of references, from cases in the federal and higher state courts in Australia and overseas, the associated domestic provisions in legislation, and other reputable legal sources around the world.

While concepts like the “strawman” have been referred to by the courts as “Litigation Poison”, this analysis is ultimately a call to reason for all involved in perpetuating these internet myths, that ultimately can only cause harm and loss to those gullible enough to act upon the information. If people attempt to apply these legally unintelligible OPCA concepts in serious matters before the courts, this damage can unfortunately include incarceration, broken families, severe financial hardship, psychiatric detention, and loss of homes.

When stripped bare of any alleged association or applicability to law, the OPCA doctrine stands naked as the *political movement* it really is. Although it contains right-wing anarchist elements, the ideals expressed are purely POLITICAL, not LEGAL, and ultimately, the law courts are not the venue for political change.

David Heilpern (June 2020)
“Rob, thank you so much for contacting me. I am very aware of your work, and have referred people to it regularly. It is a work of art and great scholarship and dedication. You should be very proud of it. Epic! I would be deeply honoured to be referred to in any way in your ebook. Keep up the good work – it is very important. There is, as you rightly say, very little compiled in clear detailed but accurate opposition to the freeman delusion. So many of the promoters take money from vulnerable people. You must study law. You can do it externally, You would be a natural. I have been appointed as a Practice Professor at Southern Cross University, and I would be happy to recommend you. David”

Donald Netolitzky (August 2020)
“Mr. Sudy, just a very brief comment. I noted your post of a few days past where you identified me as your “Canadian brother in arms”. I’m deeply flattered. Keep up the excellent and badly needed work. As you well know there aren’t many of us who are actively involved in responding to the pseudolaw phenomenon, but one thing I have learned is that our “throw weight” is pretty impressive. Our research and providing an opposing and well-grounded perspective makes a difference. So once more, I just want to recognize the excellent work on your part.”

Quatloos (Canada) Robert Sudy: Australian OPCA Mythbuster 
“He describes himself as a true believer who eventually saw the light and moved on to the bright side. The book isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s almost 500 pages and being continually updated. It makes Meads v Meads seem like a brochure.”

Australian Paralegal Foundation
“This E-Book is the most comprehensive guide to the delusion that some people call “Freeman” or “Sovereign” or the countless other names that the Courts have characterized as Pseudo Legal (stuff that sounds like it is legal talk but more accurately described as gibberish) that collectively have been labelled OPCA Litigants. This book will help you understand the myths and break it down in simple English why these groups exist and how they are misleading people into harm.”

Stuart Watson
“G’day Rob, I came across your web presence this week when investigating that Romley Stover character. I am impressed by your clearly correct legal knowledge and analysis, as well as your amazing and credible upbringing. Truly impressive critical thinking, and application of both logic and the rules of our legal system, as well as awesomely dismissive expletives to describe those characters. I’ve not seen such well composed legal argument (well compilation and analysis of legal precedent to be sure) AND hilarious and appropriate use of expletives delivered together in all my legal experience. At this point I should note that I was admitted to the Qld Supreme Court in 2001 and hold a valid principal practicing certificate from Qld Law Society. I am the principal of Townsville firm NQ Legal and a lecturer in environmental law for JCU and aspire to be somewhat of an independent lawyer. I truly salute you Sir for your depth of research, critical and logical thinking in this realm otherwise occupied by OPCAs and lawyers. All the best.”

Chris Baker
“I came across your site today. I am a solicitor and have practiced law in Australia and the UK for the past 25 years. On a sadly too frequent basis I receive messages from people referring me to the utter rot that groups promote on the internet – with their pseudo legal BS. I just wanted to say that I admire the significant amount of work that you put in to challenging the conspiracy theories and utter nonsense spread by these groups. Pulling together what you have is no small feat.”

Geraldine Johns-Putra 
“Dear Robert, I am an Australian lawyer, first admitted in Victoria about 23 years ago. I am working more these days in areas that touch on human rights, via my niche law practice in Melbourne. I have come across these OPCA arguments over the years but my work is requiring me to become better acquainted with them. Your diligence, meticulous research and well-reasoned conclusions have made it so easy for me to trawl through the many and varied facets of the entire movement and find appropriate rebuttals to provide the people I meet who are attracted to it. They are in the main well-meaning and peace-loving people but they are being horribly misled. These ideas are giving them false hope and potentially harming them and their families. Thank you for your dedication and public service. Sincerely, Geraldine.”

Jane Glover
I often recommend this book and post linked excerpts from it, in response to pseudolegal statements i see being spouted to unsuspecting people. Though far from being an expert myself, Rob Sudy’s e-book has given me valuable tools enabling me to identify many such OPCA misconceptions and has provided reliable access to all the relevant proven facts, to refute them and to hopefully help some people to avoid becoming entrapped by useless pseudolaw beliefs. I highly recommend the e-book Freeman Delusion: a fully referenced e-book by Rob Sudy, to any seekers (layperson &/or professional) of logic and facts regarding this Consensus Legal Reality we live in. Much healthier for ones mind and wallet, than becoming emotionally trapped into believing cult-like delusions and illogical false-hopes from some OPCA ‘alternate pseudolaw dimension’. Delusions, with an epic (but very avoidable) legal failure rate, in this current functioning reality.”

Steve Prickle Clancy
I often pass on and share your information. Share your page and now this website. For what it may be worth your facts have helped my sanity enormously while I am dealing with people that have drunk the cordial. And I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you.

ODDemocracy AU
“Hi Rob. Your work has been invaluable to me in trying to stop the spread of these dangerous ideas on twitter. Wish you were there so that I could call on you for help sometimes!”

Steven Zyskowski
Thanks for your fantastic compilation of research!”

Nic Faulkner
“… an extremely well written, documented and factual analysis of the Freeman(sovereign citizen) ‘delusion’. I found Rob Sudy’s work here quite a mastery on all things pseudolegal. Full on read, which may make it difficult for some to even start. However, his indexation of each chapter allows people the time they may need to take it all in. Brilliant, something I had though about writing, but this leaves my research and writing ability a long way off… I suggested at least a PhD or Masters. He is quite humble about it all. Great work…”

Tim Prater
“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Rob’s research over the last 5 years or so. He has done an almighty job on his ebook free to all. Its sad there is a group out there that have targeted his work for years but they never ever beat him in a debate on the legals. Man should get a degree and earn some bucks from his knowledge but he chooses an alternative lifestyle.”

Wayne Soles
“It’s a well researched and presented document I have used it as source a number of times and not found it wanting…”

“Hey Rob! A few days ago I stumbled upon your Freeman Delusion WordPress.
I’d initially found just one of the sections of your website and was completely convinced that you were an Aus law professor. I can’t tell you how shocked and awe-struck I was when I went to the homepage and discovered how off my assumption was. I’m a second year law student and my understanding of the law is probably at best 1/10th of yours. But even beyond your stellar understanding of the law, I am so amazed and grateful for your dedication and patience. I’m positive you’ve been encouraged by many people to study law formally, and I think I recall seeing on your website that this might not be of interest to you, but there is a lot that you can contribute in this area. I’ve recently seen some law professionals suggesting that someone does a PhD on the freeman movement, and I can’t think of a better candidate than you. I feel a little funky encouraging a path of formal education, because I think far too much capital is placed on it. But at the same time, I really believe that we’re better off when people like you are engaged in the legal profession. Regardless of the direction you choose to go in with all of this knowledge, I just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work.”



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