The PDF version of “Freeman Delusion: The Organised Pseudolegal Commercial Argument in Australia” has better search features as well as individual content being accessible through the contents index. But to avoid confusion with the upcoming version, the download link to the previous draft version PDF of FREEMAN DELUSION (published 21 October 2017) has been removed. Ongoing updates to each subject matter will now be made through the website until the new PDF version is released, which is now over 1800 pages.

The upcoming PDF will cost you only AU$399.95.
Just kidding. I have no Patreon or Paypal accounts, or any other method of accepting payment. Unlike the various OPCA promoters that seek to profit from their provably unworkable strategies, and the gullibility of often desperate people, I impose absolutely no charges or subscription fees, and do not accept donations. This project is to me a community service. I have for many years watched people suffer harm and loss from pursuing these concepts in the courts, and my work is produced purely in the best interest of the public, to give those contemplating it an accurate analysis of the courts perspective.

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