Hoxton Park Residents’ Action Group Inc. v Liverpool City Council [2010] NSWSC 1312

Hoxton Park Residents' Action Group Inc. v Liverpool City Council [2010] NSWSC 1312 concerned a development approval given by the Liverpool City Council (the first defendant), to the Malek Fahd Islamic School Ltd, (the second defendant). The third defendant was the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc., which owned the land in question, the fourth … Continue reading Hoxton Park Residents’ Action Group Inc. v Liverpool City Council [2010] NSWSC 1312

Halliday v The Commonwealth of Australia [2000] FCA 950

In Halliday v The Commonwealth of Australia [2000] FCA 950 the applicants sought declarations that thirty three Acts and three regulations “establishing the New Taxation System and the Goods and Services Tax” were invalid.  The applicants were represented by David Fitzgibbon, who argued that the Acts were not passed by a validly elected Senate as required by … Continue reading Halliday v The Commonwealth of Australia [2000] FCA 950

Maxwell Hugh Wilson

The appellants received a sequestration order and failed to make out and file with the Official Receiver a statement of affairs, and were subsequently convicted. They contended that the manner in which the magistrate had proceeded was unlawful by virtue of the provisions about discrimination contained in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, … Continue reading Maxwell Hugh Wilson

Independent Sovereign State of Australia

Cameron v Beattie [2001] QCA 392 "For reasons that will become apparent I shall refer to the appellant by his full name Donald Gordon Cameron.  He brought an action in the Supreme Court for declaratory relief, including a declaration that the latest State election was invalid.  His statement of claim was summarily dismissed by Justice … Continue reading Independent Sovereign State of Australia

Act of Settlement 1700

A Protestant Monarchy The Act of Settlement 1700 1 was passed to settle the succession to the English and Irish crowns to Protestants only... "...all and every person and persons who shall or may take or inherit the said crown."  The next Protestant in line to the throne was the Electress Sophia of Hanover, a granddaughter … Continue reading Act of Settlement 1700

Hubner v Erbacher [2004] QDC 345

In Hubner v Erbacher [2004] QDC 345 the appellant had homemade number plates attached to his vehicle as if it were a number plate issued pursuant to the regulation. He directed his arguments towards demonstrating that either the relevant regulation was not a valid law or that other legal rights, which he claimed to have, prevailed … Continue reading Hubner v Erbacher [2004] QDC 345

Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Casley [2017] WASC 161

After nearly a 50 year standoff with the micronation, in Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Casley [2017] WASC 161 1 Justice Le Miere of the Supreme Court of Western Australia ordered "Prince Leonard" Casley of the Principality of Hutt River, to pay more than A$2.7 million in unpaid taxes, and his son Arthur Casley to … Continue reading Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Casley [2017] WASC 161

“Humbly Relying on the Blessing of Almighty God”

The phrase "Humbly relying on the Blessing of Almighty God" in the Preamble to the Constitution 1 is misinterpreted by many constitutional theorists as implying a hierarchy of the Bible over the Constitution. One of these is Steven Spiers, in his "Realm and Commonwealth" and "Realm and Man" papers. As already covered in previous articles, there … Continue reading “Humbly Relying on the Blessing of Almighty God”

Section 116 – Religious Freedom

Section 116 states: "The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth." 1 The main two limbs of this … Continue reading Section 116 – Religious Freedom