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The new 3000 page edition eBook of Freeman Delusion: The Organised Pseudolegal Commercial Argument in Australia contains the complete content of individual pages on this website in one comprehensive document with many extra features. This includes subject hashtag and word search capabilities, as well as all the existing hyperlinks to legal reference websites, and thousands of full judgments of cases in the higher courts and countless published papers on both constitutional law and the OPCA phenomenon, all of which are available in pdf format on the website.

With this very well referenced document, researchers can locate accurate information in relation to most of the individual pseudo legal arguments all in the one place. It is a perfect legal resource for students and lawyers alike, and ultimately anyone interested in how these various contentions have been answered by the courts.

Rather than visiting individual pages on this website searching for particular subjects, you can now access this complete encyclopedia of pseudo legal contentions on your device.

It has been a huge task transferring all of this content into an eBook format. The final copy will hopefully be ready for publishing and available for purchase in mid 2023.


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