James Bowes

James Bowes is an OPCA adherent in Queensland, a truck driver, who has a Facebook page 1 and a YouTube channel "barefootbowie" 2. He was quite involved years ago with following cannon law and other aspects initially raised by Frank O'Collins, 3 with the atypical strawman and common law motifs that identify the ideology, as … Continue reading James Bowes

Changing the Rules of Succession to the Throne

Anne Twomey; "Changing the Rules of Succession to the Throne" "The British Government is considering changing the rules of succession to the Crown to remove discrimination against women and Catholics. This article discusses the consequences of this proposal for the 'Realms', being the other fifteen countries of which the Queen is Sovereign. It discusses the … Continue reading Changing the Rules of Succession to the Throne

Peter Scott Haughton

Peter Scott Haughton ran a series of cases in 2019-2020, here are a few of those that are published. (1) Haughton v Roder [2019] SASC 199  (2) Haughton v Chapman [2019] SASC 200  (3) Haughton v Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Ltd [2019] SASC 198 (4) Haughton v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group … Continue reading Peter Scott Haughton

Act of Settlement 1700

A Protestant Monarchy The Act of Settlement 1700 1 was passed to settle the succession to the English and Irish crowns to Protestants only... "...all and every person and persons who shall or may take or inherit the said crown."  The next Protestant in line to the throne was the Electress Sophia of Hanover, a granddaughter … Continue reading Act of Settlement 1700