Keith Knights

Another adherent in New South Wales who's pseudo legal arguments fell flat when presented in court was Keith Knights. He released several videos on YouTube, 1 and the frustration increased incrementally over the "corrupt courts and cops" not upholding "the true law". His final Facebook Live video 2 encouraged viewers to "rise up" and … Continue reading Keith Knights

Rohan Brown 

A man accused of punching a glass door in Matthew Guy's office before telling staff there that it was his 'constitutional right' to go on a shooting spree has been granted bail. Rohan Brown, 46, is facing more than 30 charges including damaging property and unlawful assault. He visited the Victorian Opposition Leader's office on April 28 … Continue reading Rohan Brown 

State of NSW v Mathers [2019] NSWSC 7

After police were asked to check on the welfare of the defendant, they found prohibited weapons, and a very large volume of written material to do with the so-called Sovereign Citizen Movement, which included a lengthy article about how to make booby traps, and manufacture plastic explosives, and firearms by use of a 3D printer. … Continue reading State of NSW v Mathers [2019] NSWSC 7

Terrorism and Sedition

New South Wales Police estimate there are about 300 sovereign citizens in the state and their numbers are growing. The “Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command Assessment” shows the number of sovereign citizens in NSW doubled from 2009 to 2011 and nearly tripled from 2009 to 2012. Interactions with police increased 50 per cent in 2011, … Continue reading Terrorism and Sedition