Keith Knights


Another adherent in New South Wales who’s pseudo legal arguments fell flat when presented in court was Keith Knights. He released several videos on YouTube, and the frustration increased incrementally over the “corrupt courts and cops” not upholding “the true law”.

His Facebook post calling for Magistrate David Heilpern’s arrest:


His final Facebook Live video encouraged viewers to “rise up” and to “ambush police and kill them”. Keith Knights shared this video widely on social media, he even posted the link to my Facebook group “Freeman Delusion: The Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument in Australia”, on the 29th of November 2017.

I immediately warned him in comments to take the video down, as he is already liable to be arrested for sedition under Division 80 of the Crimes Act (1914) which carries a prison sentence of 7 years. He then argued that violent revolution is “lawful” under “Article 61 of the Magna Carta“, to which I provided evidence that it was repealed in months of its establishment, and cases from the High Court to show it doesn’t exist in Australian Law. Keith Knights didn’t continue the conversation, but he did refuse to take my advice and delete the video

A week later on December 7, he was arrested by the Fixated Persons Unit of New South Wales Police and charged with Solicit to Murder. His story appeared on media outlets worldwide, many incidentally mentioning the title of my ebook and associated Facebook group “Freeman Delusion: The Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument in Australia” where he posted the video.

The title was even mentioned in this 7NEWS Sydney story : “Man arrested for threatening to kill NSW Police“:

Daily Telegraph: “NSW man who allegedly conspired to murder police arrested and extradited“:


Daily Telegraph: “Video shows Kyogle man speaking of ‘castrating’ cops“:


Dailymail: “Man made video outlining his plans to kill NSW Police“:


Byron Echo: “Kyogle man to face court over video calling for police killings“:


Express Digest: Man made video outlining his plans to kill NSW Police“:


Hamish Broome from the local area newspaper The Northern Star closely followed the court appearances and developments in Keith Knights case. Daily Telegraph: “Kyogle man’s shocking video called for people to kill police“:


Daily Telegraph: “Man who urged others to kill police remains behind bars“:

remains bars

Daily Telegraph: “Man accuses magistrate of ‘corruption, bias“:


Daily Telegraph: “Magistrate tells accused: ‘I’ll simply mute you’“:


After a somewhat difficult initial litigation period, while he was refused bail for obvious reasons, on the 25th of May 2018, Keith Knights was also charged with sedition, and was facing up to seven years imprisonment, exactly as I had warned. One thing is certain in this incident. His belief in OPCA concepts became the causation for the chain of events that followed.

Daily Telegraph: “New charge for man accused of inciting police murder“:


Not guilty by reason of mental illness.

After being remanded in custody since early December 2017 (26 months), in R v Knights [2020] NSWDC 225 in the New South Wales District Court on the 22 January 2020, Judge W Hunt was satisfied that Keith Knights suffered from a disease of the mind that excuses him from criminal liability, and made a special verdict pursuant to s28 of the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act. For the Possess prohibited weapon charge, he was sentenced under s10A Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act and convicted with no further penalty. 

Daily Telegraph: “‘Special verdict’ for Kyogle man accused of inciting murder“:

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