The Institute of Taxation Research and Wayne Levick

The Institute of Taxation Research was formed in 1998, promising that one could make any tax liability voluntary if they used their services. The strategy centered around the proposition that the taxation legislation is invalid, as the whole legal system has no basis in law and the constitution is invalid, so there is no basis in … Continue reading The Institute of Taxation Research and Wayne Levick

 Australian Securities Commission v White, Errol John [1998] FCA 790

In Australian Securities Commission v White, Errol John [1998] FCA 790 the appellant relied on a statement said to emanate from Sir Harry Gibbs. See also  Ulysses and Child Support Registrar [2007] FamCA 1395 relying on the ratio in  Joosse & Anor v Australian Securities and Investment Commission[1998] HCA 77 to reject the notion. .

Ulysses and Child Support Registrar [2007] FamCA 1395

In Ulysses and Child Support Registrar [2007] FamCA 1395 the appellant contended that the current legal and political system in use in Australia and its States and Territories was not legitimate as it is not recognized by majority referendum, that it was invalid by Order 1 and 2 of the United Nations Charter, as it … Continue reading Ulysses and Child Support Registrar [2007] FamCA 1395

Nick Peters

In the primary court prior to Peters v Pimm Pty Ltd [2019] QCA 306 the magistrate found that the applicant had not proved the facts to support his claim, and it was dismissed, and he then appealed to challenge the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal.  He informed the court that he had discovered that “judges of the … Continue reading Nick Peters

Best v Police [2015] SASC 190

Best v Police [2015] SASC 190 The appellant contended that the trial should not have proceeded ex-parte, that the Magistrates Court is not a court of competent jurisdiction; the device used to measure his speed did not meet the National Measurement Act 1960 (Cth) and the certificates of accuracy were invalid and the method of testing it by the … Continue reading Best v Police [2015] SASC 190

Mike Holt (CIR NOW)

Mike Holt runs the CIR NOW website, (citizens initiated referendum now) and several other blogs and accounts, such as The Bloody Aussie Battler YouTube channel. The CIR NOW website is full of OPCA related content and pseudo legal myths, constitutional misconceptions spread by various vexatious litigants and more... Here are a few examples of the … Continue reading Mike Holt (CIR NOW)

The Sir Harry Gibbs letter This letter is widely circulated online, and further conclusions drawn from it. Something that must be pointed out initially, is that the authenticity of this letter has never been established, so the attachment of Sir Harry Gibbs name is itself doubtful, regardless of the contents. I note the copy of the letter … Continue reading The Sir Harry Gibbs letter