Grey v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd [1993] FCA 54

In Grey v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd [1993] FCA 54 the plaintiffs claimed that the loan was created by “book-entry credit” and is therefore false, misleading, and should not be enforced, and insisted if the bank was "entitled to create cost-free book-entry credit and that book-entry credit so created is valid in law … Continue reading Grey v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd [1993] FCA 54

Barrett-Lennard v Bembridge [2015] WASC 353

In BarrettLennard -v- Bembridge [2015] WASC 353 the appellant contended Biblical law is supreme and that the magistrate refused to hear Biblical references as vowed to be upheld by its supreme governor Queen Elizabeth II in her Coronation oath, and that due to Deuteronomy 4:2 Christians cannot be compelled to hold a drivers licence, give accurate details … Continue reading Barrett-Lennard v Bembridge [2015] WASC 353

The Laws of God are Superior

Some OPCA adherents believe that Biblical law holds a superior status over the secular laws of the State. Any such notions ended with the Glorious Revolution in 1688, when the principle of parliamentary supremacy was recognised.  BarrettLennard -v- Bembridge [2015] WASC 353: "These grounds of appeal were developed in the appellant's written submissions of 16 … Continue reading The Laws of God are Superior

Peter Gargan

Despite having been declared a vexatious litigant in 4 jurisdictions in Australia, Peter Alexander Gargan is still very active in the OPCA community, advising Rod Culleton in his matters before the courts, as well as recently travelling to the UK on his behalf attempting to bring a case before the Privy Council. Peter Gargan's litigation history … Continue reading Peter Gargan