Grey v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd [1993] FCA 54

In Grey v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd [1993] FCA 54 the plaintiffs claimed that the loan was created by “book-entry credit” and is therefore false, misleading, and should not be enforced, and insisted if the bank was “entitled to create cost-free book-entry credit and that book-entry credit so created is valid in law and in fact, the applicant claims the same right.”

The plaintiff further claimed “the protection of Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights 1688 in relation to (a) jury trial (b) protection of livelihood and (c) freehold” and alleged that “the Court has no jurisdiction to deny the applicant the protection thereby claimed.” as the respondents and judges were “… in clear breach of the Divine Law, God’s Law, which the Court is duty bound in law and in all conscience to uphold in accordance with the interlocking oaths of Queen Elizabeth II and the judges of the Federal Court of Australia.”

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