Adam Thurrowgood

Infuriating moment truck driver refuses to tell police his name at Queensland border Truckie speeds through a border checkpoint and refuses to show his licence - instead insisting on asking a patient policeman to guess his gender. A belligerent truck driver has needlessly got himself arrested by refusing to give his name to police at … Continue reading Adam Thurrowgood

The Driving v Travelling conundrum

The term "Driving" is understood as a "Commercial activity" to OPCA theorists - Instead of admitting to "Driving" (as described in the statute) they prefer to practice the "Common law right" to "Travel" in their "Private Automobiles" on "The Kings Highway". There is a great conundrum here, they cannot have a valid licence or registration, … Continue reading The Driving v Travelling conundrum

Registration: Ownership and Title

OPCA theory teaches that registering a vehicle with the state voids private ownership, transfers this to the state via the registration process, and therefore binds the operator to traffic regulation. It is theorised that one can "travel" with a vehicle as private property, but cannot do this with state property after registration. It is claimed … Continue reading Registration: Ownership and Title

U.S. case law: licence v freedom of travel

I have read quite a few comments from people online in Australia, that there exists in the U.S. a legal method that allows Americans to drive without a license. Before I lay this myth to rest with two appeal cases in the Federal Courts, I will elaborate on the right to freedom of travel in … Continue reading U.S. case law: licence v freedom of travel

Rainima v Magistrate Freund [2008] NSWSC 944

Rainima v Magistrate Freund [2008] NSWSC 944 "It seems that the group (UPMART) holds strong views about the legitimacy of aspects of this State’s traffic legislation. Certainly, the plaintiff does. Whatever the views of the group might be, this appeal turns upon the attitude of the plaintiff as it was articulated by her in the … Continue reading Rainima v Magistrate Freund [2008] NSWSC 944

Mark Pytellek

Mark Andrew Borleis 1 is also known as Mark Andrew Pytellek. In 2006 he claimed Magistrate White owed him 6.5 million for rejecting his defence and upholding the states traffic laws. Mark Pytellek has been running paid workshops teaching sovereign citizen concepts under variations of the name "Solutions Empowerment" 2 for at least a decade. … Continue reading Mark Pytellek

George Koromilas

George Koromilas was initially charged for failing to produce a driver’s licence, claiming he wasn't required to have one in order to exercise his common law right to travel. He instead demanded ID from the officer obstructing his lawful journey. At the mention, George Koromilas repeatedly demanded to raise some “preliminary issues” before being asked … Continue reading George Koromilas