Waddington v State of Victoria [2018] VSC 746

In Waddington v State of Victoria [2018] VSC 746 the plaintiff sought relief against the State of Victoria, the Sheriff for the State of Victoria, Kirk Branton (Sheriff’s Officer) and Victoria Police, regarding 605 infringement warrants totalling $146,824.27, for driving an unregistered vehicle in a toll zone. The fines were not paid and enforcement orders … Continue reading Waddington v State of Victoria [2018] VSC 746

Freilich v Lambert [2007] QDC 157

Freilich v Lambert [2007] QDC 157 "The appellant in this matter drives a vehicle in the State of Queensland, and has obtained the vehicle registration with an association of electors known as UPMART, which vehicle registration exists pursuant to common law, constitutional law, and any other holy and righteous grounds, and which registration satisfies the … Continue reading Freilich v Lambert [2007] QDC 157

Kobylski v Cole [2006] QDC 308

Kobylski v Cole [2006] QDC 308 “The relevant facts in respect of each of the five sets of appeals are remarkably similar. The appellant, on each occasion, was intercepted by police while driving a motor vehicle. On each occasion the appellant asserted that the motor vehicle he was driving was registered with an organisation known … Continue reading Kobylski v Cole [2006] QDC 308

Adam Thurrowgood

Infuriating moment truck driver refuses to tell police his name at Queensland border Truckie speeds through a border checkpoint and refuses to show his licence - instead insisting on asking a patient policeman to guess his gender. A belligerent truck driver has needlessly got himself arrested by refusing to give his name to police at … Continue reading Adam Thurrowgood

Barrett-Lennard v Bembridge [2015] WASC 353

In BarrettLennard -v- Bembridge [2015] WASC 353 the appellant contended Biblical law is supreme and that the magistrate refused to hear Biblical references as vowed to be upheld by its supreme governor Queen Elizabeth II in her Coronation oath, and that due to Deuteronomy 4:2 Christians cannot be compelled to hold a drivers licence, give accurate details … Continue reading Barrett-Lennard v Bembridge [2015] WASC 353

Roberts v Harkness [2018] VSCA 215

In Roberts v Harkness [2018] VSCA 215 the respondent challenged the jurisdiction of the court, over "a matter of a soul in a body living its fundamental and common law right to travel by the Blessing of Almighty God". The magistrate excluded Mr Harkness from the courtroom on account of his persistent misbehaviour, summarily rejecting his … Continue reading Roberts v Harkness [2018] VSCA 215

Gregory John Tudehope

Cairns magistrate issues warrant for man who walked out of court case A magistrate has issued a warrant for the arrest of a ­Manoora man who stormed out of court and swore after ­arguing Queensland law did not apply to him. Gregory John Tudehope, 64, was pulled over in Manunda this month with his car … Continue reading Gregory John Tudehope

Spajic v Robertson & Ors [2007] NSWSC 553

In Spajic v Robertson & Ors [2007] NSWSC 553 the applicant contended that legislation which directs that vehicles be registered in a particular way is monopolistic, and an alternative registration process exists under common law with a union of people called UPMART. The Court held there is no basis upon which some group of people can … Continue reading Spajic v Robertson & Ors [2007] NSWSC 553

Hubner v Erbacher [2004] QDC 345

In Hubner v Erbacher [2004] QDC 345 the appellant had homemade number plates attached to his vehicle as if it were a number plate issued pursuant to the regulation. He directed his arguments towards demonstrating that either the relevant regulation was not a valid law or that other legal rights, which he claimed to have, prevailed … Continue reading Hubner v Erbacher [2004] QDC 345

Rainima v Magistrate Freund [2008] NSWSC 944

Rainima v Magistrate Freund [2008] NSWSC 944 "It seems that the group (UPMART) holds strong views about the legitimacy of aspects of this State’s traffic legislation. Certainly, the plaintiff does. Whatever the views of the group might be, this appeal turns upon the attitude of the plaintiff as it was articulated by her in the … Continue reading Rainima v Magistrate Freund [2008] NSWSC 944

Van den Hoorn v Ellis [2010] QDC 451

In Van den Hoorn v Ellis [2010] QDC 451 the appellant contended he was the “owner of the created fictions known as JOHAN HENDRICK VAN DEN HOORN and JOHN HENRY VAN DEN HOORN, being created fictions fraudulently owned and controlled by legal fictions” which included “australia inc” and “queensland inc”, as well as “queensland transport inc” … Continue reading Van den Hoorn v Ellis [2010] QDC 451

Early OPCA Influence in Australia

Upmart (Malcolm McClure)  Ucadia  (Frank O’Collins) Love For Life (Arthur & Fiona Cristian) Peter Andrew Nolan Throughout the 2000s, OPCA concepts became increasingly cross-contaminated. Foreign concepts and legislation, such as A4V and the Uniform Commercial Code became common features in OPCA legal proceedings in the Commonwealth, sometimes alone and sometimes in combination with domestic concepts. … Continue reading Early OPCA Influence in Australia