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Cairns magistrate issues warrant for man who walked out of court case A magistrate has issued a warrant for the arrest of a ­Manoora man who stormed out of court and swore after ­arguing Queensland law did not apply to him.

Gregory John Tudehope, 64, was pulled over in Manunda this month with his car allegedly sporting homemade numberplates registered to the “Tudehope Family Estate”.

The apparent sovereign ­citizen allegedly argued with officers, who discovered he did not have a current driver’s ­licence, and he trapped one of their arms in the car window as they tried to remove his keys and impound the vehicle. 

When asked how he pleaded to five charges in the Cairns Magistrates Court yesterday, he responded that he

“cannot be charged” and that “the charges did not exist”. 

Magistrate Janelle Brassington attempted to adjourn the matter to a hearing as he was not entering a plea, but this was also rejected.

“Nothing will be remanded. I won’t be returning,” he said. “You were given the opportunity to do the right thing in accordance with the law.” 

He also objected to the magistrate calling him “Mr Tudehope” or “Sir” and said he could only be referred to by his three full names. He walked from the courtroom with Magistrate Brassington warning she would issue a warrant for his arrest, to which he replied:

“You can do what you (expletive) like”. 

Speaking in court following his departure, the magistrate said some of the driving charges could be dealt with in his absence, but she issued the warrant as he was also facing a charge of obstructing police. Security or police officers were asked to be present if ­Tudehope returned to court.

It appears his attitude hadn’t improved in the 13 years since Re Tudehope [2003] QCA 290, where he appeared by telephone and the judge was compelled to terminate the call due to his abusive demeanor. 

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Gregory John Tudehope filed two matters for appeal in August 2005, Commonwealth Bank of Australia v Tudehope [2005] QCA 319 and Tudehope v Magistrate Braes [2005] QCA 320, both of which he made no appearance. 

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