The Aussie OPCA Sphere

“Following the rise of the “Strawman,” a kind of new, international pseudolegal tradition has emerged with accepted elements from many different sources, entwined with a matrix of false or distorted history and conspiratorial belief. This might be called the “OPCAsphere.”

For a novice visitor, the OPCA sphere is a strange place. Its occupants see themselves surrounded by all manner of threats and conspiracies. They desperately search for uncontaminated sources of food and water. Aircraft contrails are scrutinized for evidence of government sponsored dissemination of chemicals. Spree shootings and terrorist incidents are “false flag” operations conducted by hidden hands to manipulate and control the public. The OPCA sphere is permeated with impending threats, be it financial enslavement at the hands of “the Banksters,” foreign or domestic military intervention, or ecological catastrophe. Police and government employees are nothing more than thugs.

These apprehensions are closely linked to a sense of superiority — those who live in the OPCA sphere see themselves as possessing powerful, secret, or unusual knowledge, and that makes them very much better and smarter than the average person. Claims of courtroom success are met with excitement, though failure is not so often disclosed. Occupants promote their preferred guru and reinforce each other’s conspiratorial beliefs by circulating and recirculating documents, videos, and “meme pictures.” Those outside the OPCA sphere are dismissed; they are either enemy clients, paid government shills, or “sheeple.”

The gulf between the OPCA sphere narrative and mainstream Canadian perspectives and legal jurisprudence has another troubling implication. Unsuccessful OPCA litigants sometimes view their in-court failure not as clarification of the law, but rather conclude that the judges who have rejected their arguments are corrupt and have failed to uphold the true but concealed common law or natural law. As previously noted, there is little way for court or government actors to rebut what is, effectively, a faith-based belief in the “Strawman” and its associated conspiratorial, ahistorical narrative.

Courts refuse attempts by OPCA litigants to enforce their beliefs via civil litigation against wrongdoers, including judges and lawyers. Will OPCA litigants then attempt to take “the law” into their own hands?”

…from The History of the Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument Phenomena in Canada by Donald J. Netolitzky 

Newcomers beware
If you comment citing a relevant provision of law, or post a binding judgment,
it’s like feeding a gremlin after dark.

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When recognising legislation creates a unilateral agreement to a claim of ownership over one’s soul, understandingly most get a little irate about it. Some threaten to sue you for referring to them as a “person”, others turn into violent psychopaths and want to kill you.


Frankie Vazquez and Adam Thomas are some totally unhinged individuals who are drawn to the OPCA ideology because it feeds their narcissistic egos. This abusive manner is common among the movement though; towards any they perceive as endorsing the law, or pointing out that they are subject to it despite the strength of their belief. Because of the adherent’s paranoid fixation on those that allegedly “support and protect” the conspiratorial “slavery system” they believe exists, anyone that cites law that opposes OPCA concepts is guilty of crimes against humanity, and deserves punishment, or at least intimidation. The OPCA adherent’s paranoia is really something to behold.


Their insinuations are somewhat comical to me, but unfortunately are all too real for the adherent. It would in their eyes greatly benefit the movement if I was silenced, I’ve been a thorn in their side for years. They somehow equate unprovoked violence with justice, and that truly is deeply concerning from a security perspective. Over these years, I have received dozens of “death threats” and other disturbing messages on social media for sharing this information. Although some were from people that clearly displayed mental health issues, I think those psychologically-inclined to extremism in the OPCA community may well become increasingly violent in defence of their ideology.

With the ever increasing numbers of OPCA enthusiasts on social media, courts may be forced to consider additional security measures, as will magistrates and other members of the judiciary.  A sizeable percentage of OPCA extremists are narcissistic and sociopathic, the “sovereign” mindset of the doctrine draws these people in, and they feed off the rush of energy it gives them. It’s like a dream come true. The sovereign mindset gives the average pessimistic introvert quite the confidence-boosting trip, let alone those without self-esteem concerns.

Those like myself that cite legislation online are immediately shut down, labelled as “trolls” or “government shills” and this sort of anger ensues. Because I have for years cited cases and provisions that are not consistent with the popular OPCA theory, there is now a considerable percentage of adherents and gurus online that believe I work for the government, possibly the judiciary or the prosecution. Some claim that I am actually a group of people, working on computers in an office somewhere paid to discredit “real law” with “corporate lies”. Apparently even my surname SUDY is really a “pseudonym” for this group of government agents– (related to “pseudo-legal” maybe… hahaha… I am full of “organised Sudy-legal commercial arguments”)

Deno Budimir “One runs an anti freeman FB page, the other a paralegal FB page. Who are they really? Are they working for government? They’ve certainly got an agenda to confuse the people of their right to freedom.”

Darren Lee “Rob “sudy” is a POLICE informant/nark. Pretty sure he is on their payroll. He also likes to forewarn maggotstrates of tactics discussed for forthcoming court cases so the maggotstrates are prepared for their arguments. He is a total piece of dogshit who needs a lead injection. Absolute fuckwit and devoted to the system.

Jayden O’Connor “They’re police. Sudy pseudonym lol. They made a mistake in reply to a comment on a friends post. Info that only he knew about, and the police. In regards to a case he has coming up. But i knew a few weeks ago that they weren’t real and working for the opposition lol wasn’t hard to spot. The stuff they were coming out with is dpp material against the arguments and facts they’re trying so desperately to stop getting out into the mainstream. They know they’re on borrowed time. All this is more proof of it.

Martin St. John “On point Darren. I’ve come accross both of these maggotstrate’s  hand puppets before, tried to Screw up my case…. lucky for me I only showed him a snippet of my case. As for sudy, anybody who reads his comments, can tell he is either a shill, or an extremely indoctrinated Statist. He also gives info to the corrupt to the core QLD CCC…. Crime and Corruption Commission.”

Barry Powell

OPCA adherent from Victoria Barry Powell, or “Conscious Entity” as he became known by 2012, influenced me a great deal in the early  days, with his comparative memes of legislative changes in the 1970’s.



MikiVerse influenced me all the way through to my inevitable demise in the court, coaching me daily answering any questions regarding the process, witnessing the correspondence I received, and explaining everything away with complete bullshit. In all honesty, I hold the person behind the name responsible for the fines I received as a result of their advice. They are well aware how these things work out, so it follows they are intentionally luring people into harm. Even years later, after all the evidence these concepts are false, the website is still influencing others into legal suicide, spreading myths that have no basis in law and encouraging people to believe, at their own detriment, that they will successfully use OPCA strategies.

A brief glance over the homepage you will find that “YOUR GOVERNMENT IS A REGISTERED BUSINESS!!! and obtain “INFORMATION ABOUT THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE” including how to use your “BIRTH CERTIFICATE BOND – PAY BILLS”. It promises the “BEST A4V PROCESS” and generally how to “BEAT THE LAW “HOW TO GET DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY” and countless other OPCA myths.

When I confronted MikiVerse about intentionally deceiving me, or at least using me as a crash test dummy for these theories, as predicted, I was immediately blocked. Miki Verse didn’t address the issues raised, just blocked me to save face, and took absolutely no responsibility for the consequences of the advice they had emphatically insisted I follow.

Their next status read:

“Ok i have just blocked two folk that have decided to dribble shit about me. that’s             three in one weekend which is pretty good going given that before this weekend i have only blocked 2 in 6 years. so be it. it is the last day winter so an appropriate time to do it. i took no pleasure, and take no pleasure. i am dismayed that it has come to this.”

When questioned about it by others, their narcissistic response:

“i am going to offer you a point of clarification to consume as you wish; i am not interested in spending my time with people who wish to define/limit my choices, as in, i am either ‘a’ or ‘b’. i am me. i have no issue with anterior views. i am not really certain why you think i am going to entertain conversations with you about people that i have blocked, or, any of your presumptions that you think applicable to me.”

OPCA Groups

There are countless Australian Facebook groups based in Australia, hawking OPCA philosophies to influence others to attempt OPCA strategies en-mass in an effort to frustrate and clog the courts. Here are just a few prime examples of OPCA Facebook groups.

Get out of paying fines, rego, fees, tolls and rates

Get out of paying fines, rego, fees, tolls and rates is a Facebook Group started by Peter Connor and Ned Kelly


The Commonwealth of Australia

The Commonwealth of Australia is a Facebook Group started by Sue Maynes who also created The Brigalow Corporation Myth

Justinian Deception Discussion

Justinian Deception Discussion is a Facebook Group started by Romley Stewart Stover, in discussion of the so-called “findings” in his book “The Justinian Deception“.


 The Gurus:

These smooth-talking characters are of ten found to be registered vexatious litigants, that cannot re-litigate their own attempts, and so try to recruit others to attempt it again. This is mostly done by selling their faith-based moralistic fallacy.

They deceptively cloak their own litigation failures, by simply asserting that the court was wrong, corrupt, and must be exposed by more “freedom fighters”. It is hoped that by promoting civil unrest and mass disobedience, the courts will become overburdened and cease to function. This strategy has inevitably failed due to vexatious litigation restraints and other related provisions. The arguments are rou tinely rejected by the courts, and therefore present no threat to the status quo.

These sociopaths deceptively take advantage of the initiates trust and naivety, encourage their weaknesses, caress their ego, and inevitably sacrifice their lives, all to appease their own delusional ideology. Encouraging those convinced of the moralistic fallacy to apply it to legitimate legal proceedings, they spread the mind virus by utilising the same psychological conditions which had resulted in their characterised tendency to engage in denialism in the first place.

To sell anything unnecessary, one must instill desire for the product or service. This is done usually in sales by targeting one of the five main buying motives, pride, profit, pleasure, fear or love. The OPCA guru targets all at once, making any resistance to the OPCA ideology appear to be unconscionable, condoning slavery and the oppression of mankind. They invariably project this guilt-trip on the candidate to “seal the deal”. If they could tell people the truth, it would be that they are a member of a global anti-government cult, that uses a well-designed mind virus to recruit initiates.

The Parrots:

These are the OPCA “truth believers”, a group mostly comprised of individuals that have obviously never received any legitimate evidence of the theories validity in law, or tested the theories in the courts themselves, yet, with the obstinate faith of a cult initiate, insist it is unquestionable gospel. Why wouldn’t they? They have just been indoctrinated by the use of well-designed psychological tactics, not to dare to question the validity of the OPCA moralistic fallacy.

Of course, when put under pressure regarding their faith-based belief, they, like their  gurus, have no evidence from the courts to substantiate anything, except the strength of their belief. So, tortured by these very internally inconsistent notions, they immediately project their own painful condition and guilt-trip on the skeptic, likewise accusing them of crimes against humanity, treason, and oppression. They basically hold social media groups together, stifling any ideological opposition by labelling anyone with inconsistent ideas, like an accurate legal understanding, as “trolls” or “government paid shills”. They also invariably mention their preferred guru in comments seeking their support.


The Scammers:

These are the opportunists, led purely by profit motives. They know all too well the strategies will inevitably fail in the courts, but perpetuate them in hope of finding new candidates willing to part with their cash, conceivably in the interests of both personal sovereignty, and the salvation of humanity from the elite that have enslaved us with grammar.

The guru above is often led by their faith, or political motives, and not necessarily profit. But like the guru, once someone tries the scammers techniques and fails, they receive no concession that they might be mistaken, let alone any compensation. There are no refunds, or money-back guarantees with these packages. If you buy into the theories, you’re operating entirely at your own  risk.

With the increasingly absurd ideas being adopted, one can only ponder the immense pleasure these characters receive from observing the gullible fools that are their customers. They don’t care in the slightest about any consequences on their customers,  as long as the money keeps rolling in. They are after all, gullible fools that are easily misled, so it’s their own stupid fault. The art of persuasion is an admirable gift, and those narcissists that are experts at convincing people of the absurd deserve their financial reward. But as is invariably the case with any good ideas, they are stolen from the guru by the scammer, who wishes to capitalise on the growing popularity of the concept.


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