John Russell (Royal Bank of Australia)

   Royal Bank of Australia is a fictional bank created by John Russell.

The website claims:

“The Royal Bank of Australia is the central bank of the ‘Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland’ and ‘The Commonwealth’. The Bank provides sovereign banking services to Governments globally, and to a number of overseas central banks, and official institutions, inter alia. 

The Royal Bank of Australia is an organisation established by Royal Charter to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world. 

The Royal Bank of Australia is the world’s bank of last resort. The Royal Bank of Australia is a division of the Australian Imperial Crown Corporation.”

The website has several rather bizarre pages, such as:

Woolworths scammers stole $3,500 in groceries with fake ‘Royal Bank of Australia’ vouchers, court hears

Almost $3,500 in groceries and goods were stolen from Woolworths-owned stores in Canberra in just over a week using fake vouchers, the ACT Magistrates Court has heard. 

One of the fake vouchers used by the scammers

A 44-year-old man appeared in court on Saturday morning over the scam, which the court heard was undertaken to get the attention of the Australian Federal Police. Evidence tendered in court alleged that in three incidents last week, the man and several co-offenders filled trolleys with a total of 272 items from both Woolworths and Big W, which are owned by the same parent company.

They would then allegedly either present fake vouchers labelled as being from the “Royal Bank of Australia” or would simply leave the store without paying. The group allegedly stole an eclectic mix of groceries, including avocados, camembert cheese, mussels and cured meats, along with Arnott’s Barbecue Shapes, donuts, biscuits and chocolate eclairs.

The 44-year-old man, from the Northern Territory, was arrested after he approached the AFP headquarters with a “dossier” of information. The man allegedly told police the stolen goods were still in his hotel room in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, and he took them to “test the lawfulness of the courts”. He argued the Royal Bank of Australia vouchers were legitimate currency, but when asked how he was paying for the hotel, the man said he was paying with “real money”.

He appeared in court barefooted, as the police had seized the shoes and socks he was wearing as stolen items. The man was refused bail over concerns he may leave the ACT or communicate with his alleged co-offenders. There were also concerns he may tamper with the mostly food evidence. He is expected to appear again in court next week.”

NT man faces court for stealing thousands from major Canberra retailers

A man faced court on Saturday charged with stealing more than $3000 worth of stock from stores across Canberra. John Krieg Ashlee Russell, 44, was allegedly part of a group that stole items from Woolworths Dickson and the Woden and Canberra Airport Big W stores. Other members of the group remain unidentified, with police continuing to investigate. 

Russell and his accomplices allegedly filled trolleys at each location before proceeding to provide retail staff at each location with numerous vouchers, each bearing a coat of arms and “Royal Bank of Australia” before leaving with the items. In court Russell claimed that he was not trying to break any laws and court documents show that in his police interview he firmly believed he had paid for the items with legitimate currency. 

The documents state that Russell, who usually resides in the Northern Territory, claimed to not be an Australian citizen and did not recognise the Australian courts. He claimed to have come to the ACT to use the vouchers to test the lawfulness of his alternative system. The AFP received a letter from Russell saying he would be visiting AFP headquarters on Friday. Officers arrested Russell when he arrived on Friday afternoon. More than 270 items were stolen in the three incidents including clothing, food, books and dvds. Chief Magistrate Lorraine Walker refused bail. He will reappear in court again on September 8.