Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd

This is an interesting one, and shows the level some go to in order to create a hoax to enable peoples confirmation bias, substantiating that all government departments are corporations and therefore people can refuse to contract their services.

From the perspective of the OPCA adherent, they would think they just discovered one private corporation that owns nearly every related agency of the Australia Government, including the Queen of Australia and the King Of Australia, and owns everything the public have registered, including their estates, homes, cars, even their children through birth certificates. It would appear to those without any critical thought that they’ve all been hoodwinked that the Queen of Australia is a woman, when in fact it is a registered corporation, and that law enforcement, medicare, health care and more are all under this corporation and have nothing to do with the Commonwealth of Australia 1900. It follows also that the oaths taken in parliament and by the police and courts, are not to a protector of a realm, but are actually to this private corporation.

For example, when the police swear an oath to serve our sovereign lady, they could be actually serving this sovereign lady: Sovereign Lady Pty Ltd – ABN 65621715115 

Dun & Bradstreet lists Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd as “…located in New South Wales, Australia and is part of the Transportation Services Sector Industry. Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd has employees across all of its locations. There are 2 companies in the Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd corporate family.”

The Aubiz website has a listing for Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd.

If you note, the following businesses were registered between 2000 and 2009:

But then the list grew suddenly between 2nd and 7th of July 2020, to include the following:

The second company in the Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd corporate family is Pecker Maroo No. 2 Trust. ABN: 82304752741 (registered from 4th Feburary 2005) which registered all the following businesses on the 20th August 2020:

It appears all these government departments are owned by two people, Stephenie Charlton & Stephen Shanks of Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd. This website shows the contact information for the directors. S A Charlton (stephenie) phone number (02) 9571 7990, (02) 9518 9581 Address: 8 Point St, Pyrmont, NSW (a unit complex).

According to the Lynwood Country Club website, Stephenie Charlton and Stephen Shanks also own and manage Catering Equipment Repairs Pty Ltd, and “Stephen Shanks is a Process Control engineer and qualified electrical contractor with over 30 years experience in electrical systems, parts and manufacturing of spare parts.” 

The complete company profile:

Now here’s the real kicker, the ultimate punch line to this joke. Stephenie Charlton & Stephen Shanks of Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd are also associated with the Common Law Courts Great Britain & International  

These so-called “company declarations” were extracted from the “Book of Deeds: Company Declarations” recorded 18th June 2020. This is presumed to remove any statutory obligations of these companies. According to the “Ownership & Title Deeds” page on the website: “The Common Law Court is now recording, Ownership and Title Deeds for land and/or property in their ‘Book of Deeds.’ As it stands just now, all land and property is registered with the appropriate statutory authority, in the area concerned (e.g. Land Registry or Registers of Scotland). All land and property is currently owned by the legal fiction/entity (e.g. MR JOE BLOGGS) and associated claims from corporate entities are attached to the Deeds. Under Common Law you also have the right to record ownership of any land and/or property in the ‘Book of Deeds’ for preservation. By submitting this record of ‘Ownership & Title Deeds’ you are transferring authority from the statutory system, to a Common Law System and from the legal fiction/entity to the man and/or woman.” See also the “Company  Records” page on the website for a full explanation. 

Similarly, the following so-called “sale declarations” were extracted from the “Book of Deeds: Sale Declarations” recorded 21st June 2020. This is presumed to have the same effect as stated above. “The individual(s) submitting this record must also complete the relevant sales declaration. This sales declaration will confirm the sale and transfer from the existing owner(s) (the legal fiction(s)), to the man and/or woman under Common Law.”

There are a variety of other services that the common law court presumes to offer, listed on the “Deeds” page on the website, such as Birth Certificates, Fictitious Names, Medical Marijuana, Marriage Certificates, Lawful Rebellion, Lis Pendens, Commercial Liens, Motor Vehicles, Other Documents, Public Notices, Proof of Life, and other atypical OPCA fundamentals. 

From these references, one can see that Stephenie Charlton & Stephen Shanks of Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd have set out to register all these names to either confuse gullible people that these entities are actually associated with legitimate government departments, thereby substantiating the “corporate government” narrative.

After letting it drag out for over a year, convincing thousands that the government is owned by this corporation, those responsible finally come forward in November 2021 and admitted that they registered all these names of government departments as a legal ploy associated with these strategies commonly employed by the Common Law Courts Great Britain & International.