Common law courts

Common law courts have a long history within the OPCA movement, going back to the Posse Comitatus Movement in the 1980’s. (see The Usurping Octopus of Jurisdictional Authority: The Legal Theories of the Sovereign Citizen Movement) Since the adherents do not recognise the legitimacy of the state courts, they look for other means of seeking justice, including setting up these pretend courts. Unfortunately, the decisions are not binding in form but contractual agreements between parties, and definitely cannot apply to criminal matters, let alone declare laws to be invalid.

They often portray themselves as legitimate courts, which tends to mislead those uneducated on the pseudolegal phenomenon. Although it appears very realistic to the gullible, one could imagine the hilarity in applying to one of these “common law courts” to hear a case, and then challenging the jurisdiction of the court to exist, citing nothing but well established common law principles and precedents. That would be so much fun for someone like me.

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From The National Council of Common Law Assemblies website:

“Copies of the NCCLA documents are attached to this release and are posted at “The Council is far more democratic and representative of the will of Canadians than is Parliament or the courts, which are not only closed but have handed over their power to a handful of unaccountable bureaucrats” said Kevin Annett, a co-convener of the NCCLA. “In the absence of responsible government, we the people are defending ourselves from a corporate police state. It is now up to every Canadian to enforce this Law and use it to defend their children and their liberties and overturn this tyranny while they still can.”

Most nations with legal systems based in the common law have now set up these quasi courts. Kevin Annett was previously involved with the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, which also held these so-called “common law” proceedings, issuing arrest warrants for everyone from the Pope to the Queen. More recently there was the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

The following is from the Common Law Courts Great Britain & International website:

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These so-called “company declarations” were extracted from the “Book of Deeds: Company Declarations” recorded 18th June 2020. This is presumed to remove any statutory obligations of these companies. According to the “Ownership & Title Deeds” page on the website:

“The Common Law Court is now recording, Ownership and Title Deeds for land and/or property in their ‘Book of Deeds.’ As it stands just now, all land and property is registered with the appropriate statutory authority, in the area concerned (e.g. Land Registry or Registers of Scotland). All land and property is currently owned by the legal fiction/entity (e.g. MR JOE BLOGGS) and associated claims from corporate entities are attached to the Deeds. Under Common Law you also have the right to record ownership of any land and/or property in the ‘Book of Deeds’ for preservation. By submitting this record of ‘Ownership & Title Deeds’ you are transferring authority from the statutory system, to a Common Law System and from the legal fiction/entity to the man and/or woman.”

See also the “Company  Records” page on the website for a full explanation. Similarly, the following so-called “sale declarations” were extracted from the “Book of Deeds: Sale Declarations” recorded 21st June 2020. This is presumed to have the same effect as stated above.

“The individual(s) submitting this record must also complete the relevant sales declaration. This sales declaration will confirm the sale and transfer from the existing owner(s) (the legal fiction(s)), to the man and/or woman under Common Law.”

There are a variety of other services that this common law court presumes to offer, listed on the “Deeds” page on the website, such as Birth Certificates, Fictitious Names, Medical Marijuana, Marriage Certificates, Lawful Rebellion, Lis Pendens, Commercial Liens, Motor Vehicles, Other Documents, Public Notices, Proof of Life, and other atypical OPCA fundamentals. 

The Common Law Court now offers the opportunity to purchase your own CLC Card. This card confirms that you have recorded your birth with the Common Law Court and that you have acquired ownership of your legal fiction.

The Australia Common Law Court website explains:

The common law court is a place built by the people for the people. A place where all Australians can find Remedy after someone has caused them injury, loss or harm. A place where we the people of Australia, run the courts with a jury of our peers, rather than the corrupt corporate system. We pride ourselves with full transparency to the people and do not have any one being at the top. The courts are run by we the people. If you are interested in learning about the true laws or helping the people with the courts, please register your interest below and you will be included in meetings nationally and/or state based via video link. If you have a case you want heard in our court, there will soon be an option to file a case with us. Please fill in the form below to start the process to become a subscriber of the Australia Common-Law Court. There is no cost to become a subscriber and allows you to exercise your Common-Law Rights.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Common Law Court heard charges of treason against Premier Daniel Andrews and Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton. They were indicted by the Common Law Court on the 3rd July 2021, and found guilty of a range of offences by a full jury of their peers on the 24th of November 2021, and subsequently sentenced to imprisonment for life, stripped of all assets, solitary confinement and a variety of other penalties.

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The International Common Law Court of Justice also heard cases against various politicians for their role in the pandemic. All the worlds leaders were convicted of genocide on 15 January 2022, and now await capture to serve their sentences. Getting into China to arrest Xi Jinping might prove a bit difficult.

The full judgement: 

The following video by Common Sense Academy is a great breakdown of the Common Law Courts Great Britain & International website.