Pieta Morgan


In 2013 Pieta Morgan was heavily influenced by various OPCA concepts, at the time the “One Peoples Public Trust” was a popular variety, which held that all governments were corporations that were “foreclosed” due to a UCC filing by Heather Anne Tucci Jarraf, which also promised direct access to vast amounts of cash held in peoples “birth bonds” by this “slavery system”. UN Swissindo followed closely, in which a “King of Kings” Sino Soegihartonotonegoro was to distribute these funds from his alleged gold stockpile. He was later exposed as a con artist and fraudster, who has absolutely no affiliation to the actual United Nations.

Pieta Morgan was charged in April 2012 for possession and production of a dangerous drug for growing several cannabis plants in her backyard. At her first court appearance Pieta Morgan argued that the Bible verse Genesis 1:29, which talks of God’s provision of “every seed-bearing plant” for food for mankind, afforded her the right to possess and use marijuana.  After ongoing adjournments, on the 17th January 2013 Magistrate Annette Hennessy ordered that a police brief into the matter be prepared in readiness for the next court appearance on the 8th of April. Pieta Morgan informed the court she would be pleading not guilty to the charges. The Courier Mail: “‘Marijuana’s a gift from God’ – mum renews court defence“:

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Pieta Morgan failed to appear for the hearing on the 8th of April. In two statements forwarded by Pieta Morgan to The Daily, she defended her right not to appear in court. She wrote:

“As the ‘court’, ‘police’ and ‘government’ are now all foreclosed entities, I am in no way required by means of any law, act, statute or legislation to be appearing,”

Magistrate Clifford Taylor adjourned the case and issued a warrant for her arrest for failure to appear. The Courier Mail: “Warrant for mum who says marijuana is a gift from God“:

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Pieta Morgan was subsequently arrested at her home on Saturday the 14th of September, in which the following exchange occurred.

As you can hear, she had representatives from the International Common Law Courts of Justice on chat, which she believed to be a legitimate arm of the United Nations. She was at the time involved with Swissindo, who had appointed her as a “UN Official”, and they issued the following “orders” for her immediate release. 

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She appeared before a bail court on the following Monday 16th of September, in which Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan ruled will remain in custody for two weeks until her next court date on September 30.  The Courier Mail: “Woman kept ‘locked up with real crims’ family says“:

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Within the next few days, the magistrate had regrets regarding the denial of bail, recalling the matter in the interests of justice, and granted conditional bail, saying it had played on her mind that Pieta Morgan’s time in custody was greater than the penalty she was likely to receive even if found guilty of drug charges. She said: 

“It’s greatly concerned me because at the end of the day, she won’t get jail.” . 

The Courier Mail: “‘Cannabis is from God’ crusader freed from jail“:

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First interview after Pieta Morgan’s release:

This gesture hardly affected Pieta Morgan’s beliefs in OPCA concepts though, when she returned to court on the 17th December for the hearing, she again questioned the court’s authority, various voices were raised, her supporters were ejected, and Pieta Morgan herself was banned from her own hearing for failing to submit to its jurisdiction. She refused to stand up in recognition of Magistrate Annette Hennessy, would not enter a plea to her charges and demanded to table as evidence a 22-page affidavit suggesting the government was a terrorist organisation, that police were “hired thugs”, and that the courts had no legitimate authority.  Magistrate Hennessey suggested that she needed to submit to the court process before the affidavit could be tabled.

“I’m not submitting to anything,” Pieta Morgan said.
“Then I’m not accepting anything,” Magistrate Hennessey replied. 

Pieta Morgan was fined $800 without a conviction being recorded, which she vowed to fight through the District Court, the Crime and Misconduct Commission and the “United Nations”. But she left Swissindo soon after, realising that it was a sham, and didn’t pursue the verdict or fine any further. The Courier Mail: “Drug activist in Maroochydore court chaos“:

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These days Pieta Morgan writes a blog on political and associated issues. I messaged Pieta through her blog in October 2020, and asked about her thoughts in hindsight of the whole OPPT and Swissindo concepts that she held in 2013. 

“Having had a brief look at your published blogs it seems that your values and mine are diametrically opposed. My time is far too valuable to engage in pointless discussions with someone who believes in such things as hierarchy and the fictitious social contract.”

Pieta Morgan still maintains that she was not on bail at the time as she did not sign a bail undertaking, and judging by her reluctance to comment further on these matters with someone that doesn’t allow their personal beliefs to interfere with accurate legal analysis, she is still very much influenced by OPCA concepts 7 years later.