Donnellan v Garlick [2006] NSWSC 132

In Donnellan v Garlick [2006] NSWSC 132 the respondent served “quite inappropriate documents” on the court, such as “Letters Rogatory”, “Deed of Security”, “Certificate of Protest and Non-Response” which indicate a foisted contract was attempted. The documents were also notarized, as the court observed:

“… It is the task of Public Notaries by notarial act to witness signatures and to authenticate legal documents having established the identity of the person signing or executing such documents and having ensured that person understood the document to be signed. It is not the task of Public Notaries to authenticate documents which have no meaning, and which cannot bear on the litigation concerned. Such conduct can only bring Notaries into disrepute with the long term result that notarial certification by New South Wales Notaries will be regarded as having no value, force or effect. …”

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