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The Poor Can Feed The Birds podcast

“The Poor Can Feed The Birds is hosted by Tom Tanuki, and covers participatory politics and activism around Australia. It covers rallies and actions upcoming and past, and takes part in the growing activist movement to change Australia and the world – while talking to the people at the front lines.”

“Continuing my run of anti-lockdown-related explainer eps, here I touch on sovereign citizenry, OPCAs, the ‘hidden Constitution’, how the guvamunt is actually a corporation.  What’s that got to do with the anti-lockdown movement?  Well…”

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“If you want to really understand about Australian sovereign citizens, I do recommend, more than any other single source, the blog Freeman Delusion. It’s incredible. It’s very lengthy. It’s written by an ex-sovereign citizen that was convinced out of his bullshit by cultivating an actual understanding, of actual law. And he goes into stunningly thorough detail on the movement…”