Understanding and debunking the pseudo-legal ‘sovereign citizen’​ movement

Geraldine Johns-Putra; Understanding and debunking the pseudo-legal ‘sovereign citizen’​ movement:


Geraldine Johns-Putra contacted me by email with very complimentary words:

Dear Robert

I am an Australian lawyer, first admitted in Victoria about 23 years ago. I am working more these days in areas that touch on human rights, via my niche law practice in Melbourne. I have come across these OPCA arguments over the years but my work is requiring me to become better acquainted with them.

Your diligence, meticulous research and well-reasoned conclusions have made it so easy for me to trawl through the many and varied facets of the entire movement and find appropriate rebuttals to provide the people I meet who are attracted to it.

They are in the main well-meaning and peace-loving people but they are being horribly misled. These ideas are giving them false hope and potentially harming them and their families.

Thank you for your dedication and public service.

Sincerely, Geraldine