A Rebellion of Furious Paper: Pseudolaw as a Revolutionary Legal System

Donald J. Netolitzky; “A Rebellion of Furious Paper: Pseudolaw as a Revolutionary Legal System” (2018)

“Pseudolaw is a collection of legal-sounding but false rules that purport to be law. Though pseudolaw is now encountered by courts and government actors in many countries world-wide, pseudolaw is remarkably constant, nation-to-nation.

This observation is explained by the crystallization circa 1999-2000 of a matrix of pseudolaw concepts interwoven with a conspiratorial anti-government narrative. This Pseudolaw Memeplex was incubated in the US Sovereign Citizen community. The Memeplex then spread internationally and into additional anti-government communities. That expansion either complemented or replaced other pre-existing pseudolaw systems.

The Sovereign Citizen Pseudolaw Memeplex has six core concepts:

1) everything is a contract,
2) silence means agreement,
3) legal action requires an injured party,
4) government authority is defective or limited,
5) the “Strawman” duality, and
6) monetary and banking conspiracy theories.

Only the defective government authority component shows significant national- and community-based variation. This adaptation is necessary for the Memeplex to plausibly operate with a new non-Sovereign Citizen host population. The “Strawman” duality is second-order pseudolaw, in that the“Strawman” builds on and ties together the first four concepts for its operation.

Together, the components of the Memeplex cause a radical re-balancing of individual vs government and institutional authority. The Memeplex promises free money, immunity from legislation and government regulation, and grants an unprecedented authority for individuals to force obligations on others. The Memeplex also incorporates a powerful conspiratorial anti-bank and anti-state narrative. The Memeplex therefore promises both benefits and a justification for aggrieved anti-authority populations to take illegal action against perceived enemies.”

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