Conspiracy Theories in the Patriot/Militia Movement

Sam Jackson; “Conspiracy Theories in the Patriot/Militia Movement” (2017)

“This paper provides a primer on conspiracy theories in the patriot/militia movement. After introducing the movement, it describes the basic features of conspiracy theories. It then walks through several prominent and pervasive anti-government conspiracy theories, including those focusing on gun control, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the United Nations as key components of the threat posed to the lives and liberty of Americans by the federal government. It does not cover racist conspiracy theories (for example, those positing that Jews control the federal government, referred to as ZOG [Zionist Occupied Government or Zionist Occupation Government]) or the more bizarre ones (for example, those positing that the world is controlled by a race of subterranean reptilians who sometimes take human form). In closing, it offers some thoughts on why conspiracism plays an important role in the patriot/militia movement.”

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