A Legal Response to the Sovereign Citizen Movement

Caesar Kalinowski IV; “A Legal Response to the Sovereign Citizen Movement.”

“This article seeks to provide civil servants, law enforcement, and the judiciary with a comprehensive reference guide to the Sovereign Citizen movement. To do this, the article attempts to make sense of and explain the most common Sovereign Citizen themes and their failings under the Constitution: first, the jurisdiction of the federal government over actual flesh and blood citizens; second, the ability to tax citizens and redeeming the “strawman” (the so-called “Redemption Scheme”); and third, the individual’s right to travel. By explaining the legal shortcomings of the Sovereign Citizen ideology, lawyers and judges can address citizens’ concerns about government overreach, dissuade Sovereign Citizens themselves from continually reasserting the same meritless arguments, and inform the general public of their actual constitutional rights.”