Turnbull v Clarence Valley Council [2023] NSWSC 83

In Turnbull v Clarence Valley Council [2023] NSWSC 83, the applicant sought damages in excess of $25 million against the Clarence Valley Council, said to be the result of various claimed unlawfulness and wrongdoing by the Council towards him, including being involved:

“…in a conspiracy to overthrow the Commonwealth Constitution at the instigation of international bankers. As well as claims such as that all Prime Ministers have been paedophiles, without morals or ethics and susceptible to corruption and blackmail; that since 1923 there has been treason pursued in government to overthrow the Constitution; and that there is an ongoing campaign to overthrow the country’s political system, Constitution and money system. He also referred to an alleged conspiracy in relation to COVID-19.”

He claimed:

“…that it was treachery for the State to enforce a stop work order using laws that contravened the Commonwealth Constitution; that there had been alleged intentional frauds and conspiracies pursued, including one that had been uncovered in the 1960s and involved secret IMF banking policies to control the global financial system and all governments under a world government; that other conspiracies had been pursued by Australian prime ministers, to remove the people from the Commonwealth of Australia; his understanding of God’s laws.”