Jakaj v Kinnane [2019] ACTSC 71

The applicant was convicted of using a mobile phone while driving a motor vehicle. He had a right of appeal from the orders made by the ACT Magistrates Court but he did not seek to exercise that right, and instead sought judicial review of the Magistrate’s decision in Jakaj v Kinnane [2019] ACTSC 71. There … Continue reading Jakaj v Kinnane [2019] ACTSC 71

Rossiter v Adelaide City Council [2020] SASC 61

ABC NEWS: Driver who declared independence from society loses legal battle over unpaid parking fine Rossiter v Adelaide City Council [2020] SASC 61 "Various terms have been used to describe “pseudolegal arguments”.such as those advocated by the appellant in this case. (Adelaide City Council v Lepse [2016] SASC 66, [57] (Peek J). They have without … Continue reading Rossiter v Adelaide City Council [2020] SASC 61

Gregory John Tudehope

Cairns magistrate issues warrant for man who walked out of court case A magistrate has issued a warrant for the arrest of a ­Manoora man who stormed out of court and swore after ­arguing Queensland law did not apply to him. Gregory John Tudehope, 64, was pulled over in Manunda this month with his car … Continue reading Gregory John Tudehope

Queensland Police Service v Messer [2016] QDC 214

In Queensland Police Service v Messer [2016] QDC 214 the respondent contended he has a God given right to travel unhindered in a car without state plates or registration or plates, as his car does not fit the legal definition of a “motor vehicle,” which is used for commercial purposes, the words “person,” “address,” “mail,” “resident,” … Continue reading Queensland Police Service v Messer [2016] QDC 214

Christopher James David Summers

"Has the Queen enacted it?" An extremely patient Queensland police officer has been praised online for his tact, when dealing with a man who insisted he could not legally be breathalysed until he was shown a ‘proclamation certificate’ signed by the Queen. The driver recorded his tense conversation with the officer, the clip has since received … Continue reading Christopher James David Summers

George Koromilas

George Koromilas was initially charged for failing to produce a driver’s licence, claiming he wasn't required to have one in order to exercise his common law right to travel. He instead demanded ID from the officer obstructing his lawful journey. At the mention, George Koromilas repeatedly demanded to raise some “preliminary issues” before being asked … Continue reading George Koromilas

Refusing to enter a plea

Peine forte et dure Peine forte et dure was a method of torture formerly used in the common law legal system, in which a defendant who refused to plead ("stood mute") would be subjected to having heavier and heavier stones placed upon his or her chest until a plea was entered, or he/she died. Many … Continue reading Refusing to enter a plea