Queensland Police Service v Messer [2016] QDC 214

In Queensland Police Service v Messer [2016] QDC 214 the respondent contended he has a God given right to travel unhindered in a car without state plates or registration or plates, as his car does not fit the legal definition of a “motor vehicle,” which is used for commercial purposes, the words “person,” “address,” “mail,” “resident,” “borrower”, “motor vehicle,” “driving,” “passenger,” “employee,” “income,” and many others, are associated with a subject of slave status, have no effect whatsoever on his sovereign status.

“Be it known to all Courts, Governments, and other parties, that I, :Harold-Edward :Messer, am a natural, freeborn Sovereign, without subjects. I am neither subject to any entity anywhere, nor is any entity subject to me. I neither dominate anyone, nor am I dominated. My authority for this statement is the same as it is for all free Sovereigns everywhere: the age-old, timeless, and universal respect for the intrinsic rights, property, freedoms, and responsibilities of the Sovereign Being. I am not a “person” when such term is defined in Statutes or Acts of Australia, or Statutes or Acts of the several states when such definition includes artificial entities or Cestui Que Vie Trusts. I refuse to be treated as a federally or state created entity which is only capable of exercising certain rights, privileges, or immunities as specifically granted by federal or state governments, unless with my express consent on a case by case basis.”

HIS HONOUR: “As interesting and attractive as these arguments might seem to someone who propounds them, they have no basis in law or fact to exculpate a person’s culpability for a traffic offence and being subject to the court’s jurisdiction. (See R v Stoneman [2013] QCA 209 (affirming Stoneman v The Commissioner of Police (unreported, 2012 District Court of Qld, 30 November 2012, Kingham DCJ) The respondent’s submissions have no bearing on any issue in this appeal.”

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