Leonard Clampett

Leonard Clampett ran a number of proposed constitutional arguments, but the main contention seems to be the section 115 currency argument which appears in many of his cases. He was also among the plaintiffs in Halliday v The Commonwealth of Australia [2000] FCA 950 which contested the Goods and Services Tax, and the New Tax … Continue reading Leonard Clampett

Pawlak v Police [2017] SASC 40

In Pawlak v Police [2017] SASC 40 the appellant appealed his speeding camera fine on numerous grounds, such as the accuracy of the readings taken by the device, challenges to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court as it did not conform to Chapter III of the Commonwealth Constitution, and demanded proof that the Road Traffic … Continue reading Pawlak v Police [2017] SASC 40

Kuipers-Lloyd v Police [2013] SASC 137

In Kuipers-Lloyd v Police [2013] SASC 137 the defendant was convicted of a speeding offence via a speed camera and appealed against the conviction.  The defendant’s notice of appeal advanced several contentions, including compliance with the National Measurements Act 1960 (Cth).  "The defendant first contended that the Magistrate erred in failing to recognise the proceeding as … Continue reading Kuipers-Lloyd v Police [2013] SASC 137

Millington v Police [2015] SASC 52

In Millington v Police [2015] SASC 52 the appellant had been convicted of a speeding offence via a speed camera and appealed the conviction. He alleged that the photographic evidence did not meet the requirements of the Evidence Act 1929, or the relevant certificates that of the National Measurement Act, and the accuracy that of … Continue reading Millington v Police [2015] SASC 52

Best v Police [2015] SASC 190

Best v Police [2015] SASC 190 The appellant contended that the trial should not have proceeded ex-parte, that the Magistrates Court is not a court of competent jurisdiction; the device used to measure his speed did not meet the National Measurement Act 1960 (Cth) and the certificates of accuracy were invalid and the method of testing it by the … Continue reading Best v Police [2015] SASC 190

Queensland Police Service v Messer [2016] QDC 214

In Queensland Police Service v Messer [2016] QDC 214 the respondent contended he has a God given right to travel unhindered in a car without state plates or registration or plates, as his car does not fit the legal definition of a “motor vehicle,” which is used for commercial purposes, the words “person,” “address,” “mail,” “resident,” … Continue reading Queensland Police Service v Messer [2016] QDC 214

Smadu v Stone [2016] WASC 80

In Smadu v Stone [2016] WASC 80 the appellant contended he has separate legal personalities, asserting that one such personality owned the motor vehicle and another held the driver's licence and drove the vehicle, and that the wrong legal person was charged, raising various arguments based on the separate legal personality fiction. He asserts that there … Continue reading Smadu v Stone [2016] WASC 80

Is that speed camera tested?

Breedon v Kongras (1996) 16 WAR 66 1 is often wrongly cited by OPCA theorists in application to the testing of speed cameras. The case centred around prosecution under the Fisheries Act 1905, regarding measurements of Western Rock Lobsters taken with a sheridan gauge, compliant with s 10 of the National Measurement Act 1960 (Cth) not speed … Continue reading Is that speed camera tested?