United Kingdom of Australia

The Kingdom of Australia is an OPCA cult headed by Steven Spiers, and founded on the flawed concepts he expressed in his papers  “Realm and Commonwealth” and “Realm and Man”. The basic storyline is that Australia achieved sovereignty following WWI, by virtue of the sacrifice made by the ANZAC's, it had forged a realm, a … Continue reading United Kingdom of Australia

The Red Ensign Flag

Yet to be edited. "Finding the Flag’s History Mediating the Maze of Misinformation and Mythmaking" by Historian Dr Elizabeth Kwan https://freemandelusion.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/finding-the-flags-history-mediating-the-maze-of-misinformation-and-mythmaking.pdf In the 1901 Federal Flag Design Competition, each competitor was required to submit two coloured sketches, a red ensign for the merchant service and public use, and a blue ensign for naval and official … Continue reading The Red Ensign Flag

Steven Spiers 

Steven Spiers is an OPCA litigant now residing in North Queensland, after living in both New South Wales and Victoria, but is originally from the Northern Territory. His current Facebook profile Steven Spiers 1 has been discontinued due to a  ban, however his YouTube account is still active, but all videos have been removed. 2 He has … Continue reading Steven Spiers