The Red Ensign Flag

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Finding the Flag’s History Mediating the Maze of Misinformation and Mythmaking” by Historian Dr Elizabeth Kwan

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In the 1901 Federal Flag Design Competition, each competitor was required to submit two coloured sketches, a red ensign for the merchant service and public use, and a blue ensign for naval and official use. 

Review of Reviews

It wasn′t until the Flags Act 1953 (enacted 1954) was passed by the Menzies Government that Australia finally had an official national flag, and one that was required to be flown in a superior position to any other national flag (including the Union Flag). The Flags Act 1953 formally adopted the current design as Australia′s “National Flag” and the Act was assented to by Queen Elizabeth II on her first visit to Australia on 15 April 1954, the first Act of the Australian Parliament to receive assent by the Monarch rather than the Governor General. Finally, more than 53 years after the first design was hoisted, Australia had an official national flag.


A similar ideology exists in Canada regarding the Red Ensign Flag: “Former Canadian flag, the Red Ensign, gets new, darker life as far-right symbol.”

“…the Red Ensign, a variation of which Canadian troops fought under in both world wars, has recently taken on a darker symbolism, adopted as Canada’s equivalent of the Confederate flag by some extremists here. The perversion of the Red Ensign was first observed among white supremacists, who saw it as a throwback to a time when Canadians were overwhelmingly white and of European extraction…”