United Kingdom of Australia

The United Kingdom of Australia is an OPCA cult headed by the “King of Australia” Steven Spiers, founded on the flawed concepts he expressed in his papers  “Realm and Commonwealth” and “Realm and Man”.


The basic storyline is that Australia achieved sovereignty following WWI, by virtue of the sacrifice made by the ANZAC’s, it had forged a realm, a kingdom, under international law. This kingdom had its own throne, which was sitting dormant awaiting a king, in Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance. In this ideology there is a strong dislike of Catholics, the St. Edward’s Crown, the blue Australian flag, and the registration with the U.S. Security and Exchanges Commission, all which believers see as part of a corporate counterfeit “foreign corporate administration”. Following this, is the typical OPCA “strawman”, with a religious twist that ” God is no respecter of persons” and the belief in Biblical superiority.


Birth pangs of a kingdom…

In mid July 2020 Victorian Police were alerted to a proposed event to take place at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance on Friday 31 July, planned by the United Kingdom of Australia. The Facebook event page claimed it to be a “historical tour and oath ceremony” stating “Bring your 1901 Federal Red Ensign, honour our Forefathers and exercise a claim of freedom”. The event was called “Commonwealth of Australia Day”, which one of the organisers Mr Aitken referred to as “the real Australia Day” in dozens of posts, encouraging that masks were not to be worn. Mr Aitken also held a “swearing in” ceremony in St Kilda the weekend before in preparation for the big day, touting it to be the line in the sand that would establish the dominance of the King of Australia “Steven I Rex” over the “corrupt foreign occupiers“.


A Victorian Police statement vowed to crack down on the event as gatherings of more than two were banned during this period due to the COVID-19 outbreak. “There will be a highly visible police presence at the event and if people do attend, and are found to be in breach of the directions issued by the Chief Health Officer, they will be subject to enforcement action,” it said. “Anyone found to be blatantly, deliberately or obviously breaching the Chief Health Officer directions can expect to receive a fine of $1,652.”

Earlier Friday morning, more than a dozen United Kingdom of Australia adherents descended on the war memorial in an attempt to get an early jump on police, seen gathered around the eternal flame just after dawn. Most were carrying Red Ensign flags. Many of the group were not wearing masks, others had scarfs they could pull up over their face, while a few were wearing masks.

Anti-mask protesters gather at the Shrine of Remembrance. Picture: NCA NewsWire /David Crosling

The group’s leader spent two or three minutes speaking before they were quickly moved on by police, with four being issued fines.

There was a heavy police presence at the protest. Picture: NCA NewsWire/David Crosling

Police set up a perimeter surrounding the area to stop any further protesters from even reaching the Shrine, including eight public order response vehicles, the mounted branch and bike patrol. But as the morning progressed, more protestors arrived and had to be moved on.

Anti-mask protesters hold a protest on the forecourt of the Shrine of Remembrance. Picture: NCA NewsWire/David Crosling

One protester screamed “Australia, we’re going to be free soon” and claimed coronavirus is a “lie” at the protest which fizzled before it even started on Friday morning. Police chased the young man across the park and restrained him near office buildings on St Kilda Road. He yelled “democracy always wins” before claiming he had a medical condition that prevented him from wearing a mask. He was let go after being searched by officers.

Police detain and later release a man after he was chased across St Kilda Rd in Melbourne. Picture: NCA NewsWire /David Crosling

A man and a woman were also handcuffed and led away by officers to a divvy van as police cracked down on the event. The man was given a mask following his arrest, while the woman wore one around her neck. A Victoria Police spokeswoman said the pair were arrested for failing to provide their details to officers, and said they were also fined $1652 for breaching the chief health officer’s restrictions

Police arrest a man after he refused to put on a mask at the Shrine of Remembrance earlier in the morning. Picture: NCA NewsWire /David Crosling

Two adults and a child, who bizarrely all had their faces covered, are believed to have been fined $1652 after they approached the event carrying the Red Ensign flags carried by many of the protesters. Another man argued with police next to the eternal flame about his rights to “worship” before he was threatened with a fine and quickly left. “I’m just here to worship, it’s not a crime,” he told police. He was wearing a scarf that he could pull up over his face.

Police issued 18 infringements at the event, totaling $29,700.

“The fines issued were to people who attended the area today for a demonstration,” she said. “Police directed the individuals to leave the area or receive an infringement notice for breaching the chief health officer’s directives. All individuals received a $1652 fine. Police will investigate the events of this morning’s demonstration and plan to issue fines to individuals who were identified,” police said in a statement. “We will also continue to investigate to identify other individuals who were in attendance, and we will consider enforcement options. There will continue to be a highly visible police presence in the area throughout the day to ensure the chief health officer’s directions are complied with.”

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One loyal subject Juha Kulevi Kiskonen planned a similar event at the Hyde Park War Memorial, leading to certain statements online which had him arrested and refused bail.