A Systematised Delusion


“You study the dark for its secrets. You study the light for its power. Once you start to see the insanity, that’s part of your sanity. If you can’t see the insanity, it’s because you are swimming in it.” – Dr. Robert Cassar

Did you ask a question on Facebook about a speeding ticket?



One to make a post about their speeding ticket.

Three to demand proof that the speed camera was calibrated in accordance with the National Measurement Act.

Two to say that you must first unshackle your strawman because traffic law only applies to corporate fictions, not natural persons.

Fourteen to post similar experiences of speeding tickets and how they could have been handled differently.

Sixteen to emphasize that the all-capitals name is not you.

Eight to object that the provision is unlawful.

Four to point out spelling and grammatical errors in comments.

One to protest that demanding a breath sample is rape.

Seven to claim the law is invalid because it has no Royal Assent, and that the Governor General was not sworn in under Letters Patent.

Two to contend that section 109 guarantees any State law is invalid if it is inconsistent with their own interpretation of the Constitution.

Fourteen to reassure you that it is only a statute, an act, made by actors, and that the “common law” is far superior.

Nine to inform you that you have a common law right to travel under section 92 of the Constitution.

Twelve to warn you not to provide the “consent of the governed” by granting joinder.

Fifteen to laugh dismissively and demand proof they in fact are a member of their “society”.

Three to ask where is the “corpus delicti” and insist that the injured party must come forward.

Three to post “F”

One to ask what “F’ means.

Two to say it means “following” but that every idiot knows there is a “follow this post” option up top of the post.

Twelve to say the wrong seal was used, it is a mere trademark of a corporation, and only the rightful seal with a Lion and Unicorn is valid.

Eight to mention that Local Government is unconstitutional so they can’t issue fines.

Seven to inform you to first demand proof of the existence of a “contract”, for there to be a breach of said contract.

Two know-it-all’s who claim *they* were in the industry, and that speed cameras have lowered the road toll considerably.

Eighteen to post templates of a fool-proof “claim of right” that binds the state in contract by acquiescence.

Three to maintain that since you were not operating a taxi, you were in fact “traveling” and not “driving” as referred to in the act.

One to correct two of those that is not a “vehicle” but in fact an “automobile” or “conveyance for my personal use”.

Twelve to ask if the “automobile” has ever been “regis”-tered with the king.

Eight to contend that the original “Commonwealth of Australia” has been unlawfully usurped by the fraudulent “Australian Government”.

Nine to post Edgar results establishing that our government is a “corporation like macca’s” registered with the Security and Exchanges Commission in Washington DC.

One to ask if you replied that you “understood” or “stood under” the cops authority.

Two to object that this thread is a fucking circus, that none of this is helping the OP at all, citing the rules in the pinned post that OPCA theories are not permitted in this forum.

Three to contort “this group is full of shills” and threaten to leave.

One to post pointless derogatory memes.

One to mention that lawyers “swear an oath to the BAR society” and are therefore obliged to deceive you.

One to confirm he himself is only subject to natural law, and that the other members “are all sheep”.

Ten to comment that they will no longer post in this group because they cannot handle the traveling controversy.

One admin to settle things down and remind members to stick to a sensible debate on the question of legal merit.

Six to tell you you should “lien” the cop for $45,345,345,898.07 for a breach of your unalienable rights.

Two to quote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

One to mention paying the fine with a promissory note.

Two to contend section 115 of the Constitution forbids they pay the debt in anything but silver or gold.

One more to post legislation from the U.S. stressing that the “Uniform Commercial Code” is a “global commerce law” enforceable against the corrupt corporate government.

Two to declare the Pope owns all our souls via the Papal Bull Unam Sanctam in 1302.

Three to regret that we are declared “lost at sea” after 7 years of life, due to the “Cestui Que Vie Trust” via your birth certificate.

One fanatical Christian to post Bible verses that real law comes from the finger of God himself.

Two to remind members that terms in legislation are not English but are called “legalese” and that Blacks Law Dictionary makes it all clear.

Three to say “didn’t we go through this already a short time ago?”

Five to rant about the governments “unlawful slavery system” citing 268-270 of the Criminal Code.

Twenty to accuse Whitlam of treason against the rightful Queen of England by creating a cardboard cut-out called the “Queen of Australia”.

Fifteen to accuse Hawke of treason against people of Australia by passing the Australia Act without a referendum.

Nine to maintain we are still part of the British Empire and to take the matter to the Privy Council in London.

One to helpfully teach the OP that signing “VC” or “Vi Coactus” after your name removes any liability to what you’re signing.

Thirteen to contort that it is all invalid anyway, because you are all occupying Aboriginal land, sovereignty never ceded, and therefore the “lore” of the “originals” supersedes any white mans “law”.

Two more to recount the horrors of living under the Fauna and Flora Act.

Eight to coach you on courtroom procedure, warning you not to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty, but immediately move to dismiss the matter.

One more to interject “and make sure you film it”.

Three to raise the right of a “Trial by a jury of my peers” on a summary matter, where the jury can nullify the offending law.

Fourteen to demand the Judge produce his Oath of Office, and object he didn’t take his Oaths correctly according to the Constitution.

Two to post links to YouTube videos where one can see examples of lawful travelling.

Four to claim “the right to lawful rebellion” under Article 61 of the Magna Carta.

Five to consider ceding from Australia and become independent sovereign nations under their own right like “Hutt River Province” in W.A.

Another admin to demand “Read Rob Sudy’s Freeman Delusion before making such absurd claims in this forum, and it will show you where you’ve been misled.”

One forum lurker to comment on the thread in six months time and start it all over again.

Let’s go on an adventure

Buckle up and hold on tight, as we will travel deep inside the conspiratorial, demon haunted, mystical shadow world of the OPCA community, and look at the dogma or doctrine from the perspective of those that are so influenced.

I hope you make it into the next chapter. Bon voyage…

Are you a sovereign or a slave?

What if I told you, when your parents registered your birth they created a legal “person”, a corporate entity, with the same name, except in all capital letters. The government monetized and then insured this asset, creating what is known as a birth bond or social insurance. This is why all debts, bills, fines, licences, court papers, anything from the government has your name in all-capital letters. It is not you the human being, it is your strawman.

You are not a person, you have a person.

If you don’t know this person exists, you’re a slave to your own ignorance.

Strawman clip 

After the great depression, the Australian Government got in some serious debt to the international bankers (who now own the Reserve Bank) so they abandoned the gold standard and instead allowed them licence to create money out of thin air. Instead of being backed by gold, the people (or “persons” rather) became the collateral that it used to secure its currency, based on future earnings. Each of us are stock that is traded on the stock exchange like any other commodity or resource.

Each “person” created remains the property of the state, and is associated with a secret bank account which contains millions of dollars gained from their birth bonds, (check your birth certificate number) which the Reserve Bank manages and invests to monetize the state. Centrelink became the insurance underwriter a while ago, they throw us pennies out of the massive returns and dividends the elite make trading our birth bonds.

This is economic slavery, we’re debt slaves. Our children are born in debt.

If you see your name in all-capitals, it is not you, and you shouldn’t accept liability for its obligations in statute.


Everything is contractual and commercial, they practice an old form of international merchant law called “maritime admiralty law” (the law of the sea) back from the colonial days. They need a contract, and your consent, for statute to be enforceable, so they created a person to contract with, and you give your consent by admitting you are the “person”, and then they have jurisdiction. When you give your name to policy enforcers, (a corporation with an ABN no less) they automatically assume it is the “person” not you, and try to create joinder in a contract with your person, so they can fine or charge you. Lose the name and win the game.

The people in parliament are actors, acting in admiralty, which is why statutes are called acts. But acts apply only to “persons” (not to humans)

Jordan Maxwell clip 

A statute is not a law. According to Blacks Law Dictionary, a statute is:

“…a “legislative rule of a society, given the color and force of law by the consent of the governed.”

Unless you consent, it can’t be given the “colour of law” or the “force of law “so it doesn’t apply to you. They don’t tell you this in law school, as I said, everything is contractual.

There is only one true law, and that is:

The Common Law

(the law of the land)

It is so simple, “do no harm”. It’s common-sense law. There’s really only three ways you can break the law, harm to others, harm to their property, fraud or mischief in contracts. But nobody made any money that way. Statute law is called:

Maritime Admiralty Law

(the law of the sea)

Maritime admiralty law has been used by unscrupulous politicians, lawyers, bankers and others for centuries, to try to subvert and replace the common law. Common law has supremacy over legislation, but only applies to human beings, not persons. As a “free human being” under “common law” you have unlimited unalienable rights, but as a “person” under “maritime admiralty law” you only have State privileges.

This is the difference between lawful and legal. The “legal” codes in their club don’t apply to me, they only apply to my “person”. I’m a living, breathing, sentient being, not a piece of paper, and I prefer to live a “lawful” existence and “do no harm”… so I stepped out of their jurisdiction and left the papers behind.

Lawyers speak another language called legalese, not English. That’s why they have legal dictionaries, and we have English ones. Just say you’re cruising around in your wheels (for example) and get pulled over. Legal terms often have completely different meanings. The words “driver” and “motor vehicle” are legal terms, defined as “for hire” for commercial purposes. For these reasons they don’t apply to those using their conveyance just for private use. Traveling and automobile are not legal terms. If you agree you’re “driving a vehicle” they got you.

If you say you are “operating your own conveyance traveling the king’s highway in a common law jurisdiction” they can’t stop you. (It’s your ancient common law right to do so) The policy enforcers know this and attempt to create joinder with people for profit.

Handling interactions gets easier, it’s like a game of tennis, or haggling the price at a market. It’s all contractual. You never buy unless you really want to, and besides, you really don’t like what they’re selling here anyway.

According to Blacks Law Dictionary: When a policy enforcer asks “Do you understand?” it literally means “Do you stand under?” [their authority] They are attempting to create joinder in contract: If you say “Yeah” it’s a verbal acquiescence to their authority, and they can then assume you are accepting surety for your “person” and treat you just like any other plebe they own. Always answer firmly and confidently, “No, I do not “under-stand”, or “stand-under” that directive.”

I only care what is lawful, not legal.

Robert Menard clip

This great legal deception has been happening for nearly a millennium, they’ve erased our true history and memory, indoctrinated our children with fables. The pope claimed all souls on earth as property of the Papacy in the papal bull Unam Sanctam in the 13th century, an edict that is still legally binding today. The rich Papal bankers bought the Square Mile a few centuries later, (the Fire of London was arson to clear the property) and built “The Crown Corporation of London” out of the bankrupt, bought-out monarchy.

The Papal bankers with seats in the revolutionary new “British Parliament” now also owned and controlled the “Crown” by virtue of the evolution of responsible government, all to advance the annexure of the Holy See over the Church of England and its “Defender of the Faith”.

What a Glorious Revolution it was too… It became the “Empire of the City” the three city-states, London as the financial capital, the Vatican as the religious capital, and Washington DC as the military/industrial capital, each sovereign states under their own right, that pay no taxes to their host nation. These three now control the whole planet, through the reserve banks/corporations, the churches, and the military/industrial complex.)

The Holy See outsourced Unam Sanctam to the Crown and had the Cestui Que Vie Act passed in 1666, which delivered ownership of every soul in the empire to the Pope, via the defacto administration of the Crown Corporation.

It is your person, your citizen, that is in bondage, not you.

Learn how to unshackle your strawman

The Crown Corporation also created the BAR Society. (British Accreditation Registry) A lawyers first obligation is to the BAR, not you, and these initiates will lie to preserve their cultish international monopoly on justice. This is how the conspiracy has been kept so quiet over the years. Every lawyer is a member of this secret society, they are sworn to subvert true law and enslave the people. I don’t need to be “re-presented”: notice the legalese, not “present” but “re-present” – the inquisitor connects me to my “person” and presents us as one again before the priest, and the accuser of brethren, for a confession of the sin allegedly committed by my “person”, expecting me to act as surety and accept the penance, and guarantor to pay the tribute.

When you enter a court you board their “ship” under maritime admiralty. 4
When you “approach the bar” you actually make a silent unilateral agreement granting jurisdiction, like entering the “dock” as if to present your ships manifest to the port authorities. Remain in the public gallery when you speak, do not pass the bar. If you are dragged in there, NEVER enter a plea or otherwise contract with the court, because they can’t proceed unless you do, and if they can’t contract with you, you’ll walk. Always deny their maritime admiralty jurisdiction, make them prove how they have jurisdiction over your living soul.

Ask to whom are you speaking, and where is the aggrieved party. Whom have you injured and how can you make recompense. Ask them to please step forward and state their name. You obviously didn’t harm the prosecutor. If there doesn’t appear to be a victim present, seek a motion to dismiss the matter, as you have no further business there, no contracts have been established. Remember, it’s all contractual. If your motion is denied, seek urgent leave for an interlocutory appeal on a matter of law. Cite the Magna Carta and demand a jury of 12 of your peers, (no matter how minor the charge) not the whims of a single magistrate. Don’t settle or concede to anything.

Remind the court that you are NOT the person named on the notice to appear, and you don’t intend to accept liability or surety for that person.

It is not you who was charged, but them. You are a human being in a common law jurisdiction. You’re not there to re-present yourself, you are yourself. You’re not a cardboard cut-out of yourself, you’re right there, in the flesh, to clarify this jurisdictional error. You’re a living breathing man, you stand on the land, and require to be heard in a common law jurisdiction. You retain all your inherent rights and waive none. The court is invalid, they’re all just actors.

Our original government “The Commonwealth of Australia” founded by constitution in 1901 was usurped, and the entity in control now is just a corporation posing as a government.

The “Australian Government” has a registration with the United States Security Exchanges Commission, just like MacDonald’s and Kmart does.

This corporate entity was set up by Whitlam, Hawke, and others, and had bi-partisan support. “The Australian Government” invented their own seal (kangaroo and emu) to create a new “Queen” in a parliamentary statute.

The Queen of Australia is NOT the Queen of England.

They basically usurped all control of the landmass and people as chattel through this paper monarch, no referendum, no asking us about it at all. We the people are classed as “movable assets of the corporation” or chattel.

The bogus seal was used on Letters Patent for the Governor General.

This means all the laws that have been assented by their Office in Australia are invalid.

Because they didn’t use the correct seal, the laws prosecution are relying upon do not even exist with no source of power. Everyone, right up to the Governor General and state Governors were not correctly sworn into office, (as the constitution requires) so anything they do and say is invalid, they have no authority, they are impostors.

The Oath of Allegiance is to the state, not the Queen.

The Australia Act is invalid because it altered our constitution without referendum, we remain a colony of the British Empire today, but are instead governed by a private corporation owned by international bankers.

What ever happened to “The Commonwealth”? When did we vote for it to end? Our Queen is Elizabeth II, Defender of the Faith, not a piece of paper with a picture of a crown on it, created by the Royal Titles and Styles Act 1973. We have been under financial, corporate, religious and military occupation since the Statute of Westminster in 1931, the old lion and unicorn arms of the Royal Kingdom are right there on the courthouse wall, and they just ignore it.

This is a treacherous breach of allegiance, they should all be hung for treason. Article 61 of the Magna Carta grants us the legal right to “lawful rebellion” if they try to remove our rights.

They’re bringing out an implantable RFID chip soon, so your debt slave children are always shackled to their “person” and can never escape.

“…he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark, in their right hand, or in their forehead, so no man might buy or sell, except he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

So now you know who you’re dealing with, and why they secretly got rid of our “Defender of the Faith” Queen Elizabeth II who is sworn to uphold “the laws of God” as she promised on her coronation oaths. There is pure evil incarnated coming, hope you guess his name. His RFID number is 666. Don’t let your children become slave to the bankers. In Revelation, the disciple John states:

“Come out of her my people, [Babylon the Great] that you be not partakers of her sins and receive not of her plagues.”

In Hebrews, the apostle Paul makes clear that: “God is not a respecter of “Persons” and we now know why… This is how the “Mark of the beast” will be implemented.

But we have found remedy in their own laws…

The Uniform Commercial Code is now a form of international law that applies to every nation on earth, pertaining to matters of commerce, value and substance. And as we each are corporations too, (through our birth certificates) our group of dedicated, peaceful, freedom-loving social volunteers, figured out we can handle these other corporate bullies lawfully with its codes, and stand on a more equal footing. Here’s what we know so far:

  • We know we are not a “person”, we have a person, and can chose to divide ourselves from it.
  • We know how to become immune to prosecution for any offence listed in statute. We chose by contract to only be subject to the common law.
  • We now know we can bypass the Reserve Bank completely and “create money out of thin air” ourselves, because we know the secrets of the fractional reserve system. We can monetize bills and debt notices with our signature and return them “fully paid” through the A4V process, (accepted for value) and create our own promissory notes and other bills of exchange to pay for things.
  • We know how to stop paying rates on your land and cede from Australia effectively, founding your own private micro-nation with its own laws. Policy enforcers, magi-strates, money changers, and government actors need to bring their passport and have it stamped when they enter. The officers have no jurisdiction on foreign soil, and can legally be deported back across the border.
  • We know how to entrap policy enforcers, magi-strates, money changers, and government actors in joinder, and then pursue for breaches of contract, on our personal “claim of right” notices. (it goes into summary judgment as “default agreement” because it was left unrebutted). We issue fee schedules with multi million-dollar penalty amounts to keep them horribly in debt on the books, for violations of common law or UCC codes. We employ standard debt collection practices to freeze their bank accounts, and place commercial property liens on their homes that will evict them onto the street and then take them years to remove.

Are you still asleep? Do you know what you are? Are you a human being, or a work of fiction? Do you crave peace, love and freedom? This is your calling, sovereign sentient being, you’ve found your tribe, welcome home!


There is so much more to learn.

Download our introductory E-book today and learn more about our precious secrets of freedom. Study how to lawfully reclaim your sovereignty and become the master of your own affairs. Our Full E book -(Study course, includes afternoon seminar of prominent sovereign speakers in your own capital city, with a questionnaire, light refreshments provided) With the complete package for an insane amount of money, your sovereignty will be guaranteed. Bookings essential.

Here’s some great examples of these principles in action:

Article 4 Free Inhabitant

Sovereign Citizens have diplomatic immunity

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