Lion Finance Pty Ltd v Johnston [2018] FCCA 2745

Lion Finance Pty Ltd v Johnston [2018] FCCA 2745

“Having read the applicant’s (Johnston) material I formed the view that the applicant (Johnston) was seeking to avoid payment of her debt by engaging in an argument which has found some favour around the world, but principally in the United States, Canada and Australia. The argument has been described in various cases as an “organised pseudo-legal commercial argument” and there are a number of hall marks to that type of approach, which are present in this case. The relevant approach has been described in other cases, and I do not intend to go through chapter and verse what the argument entails as I have set out the argument above. The argument has been the subject of explanation in a decision from Canada in Meads v Meads (2012) ABQB 571.”

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