Dylan Confaloniere

A musician known to quote obscure laws to avoid paying fines has earned the ire of the justice system after claiming it was unlawful for police to ask for his address.


Serial court-room pest, Toowoomba man Dylan Confaloniere, 24, has spent the past 18 days in prison after he refused to provide officers with a sample of his breath when he was pulled over on December 22 in Nambour.

When asked for his name and address he told police, “I live within my body” and declined to provide a physical address. After repeated warnings, he was arrested and taken to the watchhouse where he refused a further saliva test, telling police the laws they were acting under were “unlawful”.

Confaloniere appeared in Maroochydore Magistrates Court today and pleaded guilty to contravening a police direction and two counts of failing to provide a specimen. While being arraigned, Confaloniere was warned to stop “playing games” by Magistrate Mark Nolan due to his obstructive behaviour and constant interrupting.

In June last year, while appearing on charges of driving while SPER suspended and contravening a direction or requirement of police, Confaloniere attempted to argue a 117-year-old loophole in the Australian constitution prevented him from being prosecuted. The law states the government can only claim debts in gold or silver which Confaloniere used to try and convince the court his debt was invalid.

Confaloniere was also ejected from a Toowoomba courtroom in October when the offences were set to go to trial, after claiming he wasn’t the person named in the charges. He smirked today when Magistrate Nolan fined him $200 for contravening a requirement and referred the fine to SPER. Confaloniere was further disqualified from driving for six months and convicted but not further punished for the other two offences.

He rose to local fame after a video of him busking outside a Toowoomba shopping centre went viral and he went on to open for legendary rock band Thirsty Merc in May last year. Confaloniere wrote a song with the band’s singer, Ray Thistlewaite in 2011 as art of a songwriting competition.”