O’Hagan v Commissioner of Taxation [2020] QDC 288

In O’Hagan v Commissioner of Taxation [2020] QDC 288 the applicant was found guilty after a summary trial of four offences of failing when and as required pursuant to a taxation law to give a return to the Commissioner of Taxation. The appellant appealed his conviction and sentence on grounds that included the Magistrates Court … Continue reading O’Hagan v Commissioner of Taxation [2020] QDC 288

Leonard Clampett

Leonard Clampett ran a number of proposed constitutional arguments, but the main contention seems to be the section 115 currency argument which appears in many of his cases. He was also among the plaintiffs in Halliday v The Commonwealth of Australia [2000] FCA 950 which contested the Goods and Services Tax, and the New Tax … Continue reading Leonard Clampett

Ibolya Szucs v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation [2007] FCA 1492

In Ibolya Szucs v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation [2007] FCA 1492 the applicant resisted a sequestration order that issued regarding an unpaid tax debt. The notice of appeal sought orders that the sequestration order be set aside, that the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation, the Australian Taxation Office and an officer employed in the Australian Taxation Office … Continue reading Ibolya Szucs v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation [2007] FCA 1492

Patrick Cusack

Patrick Cusack ran a variety of arguments based in the validity of the currency and also reliance on imperial enactments. In Cusack, Patrick Leo v Australian Electoral Commissioner [1984] FCA 400 1 the applicant sought review of decision not to accept the applicant's nomination for the House of Representatives Election unless it was accompanied by deposit … Continue reading Patrick Cusack

Brian Charles Fyffe

In Fyffe v State of Victoria [1999] VSCA 196 the applicant, who was renting a property through the Ministry for Conservation, Forests and Lands, claimed to have seceded the property from the State of Victoria, and by virtue of his diplomatic status he and the land are protected by international law from any claimed sovereignty … Continue reading Brian Charles Fyffe

Tadeusz Krysiak

Tadeusz Krysiak was charged with exceeding the speed limit. At the mention and trial he sought to challenge the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court but was unsuccessful, and sought leave to appeal the conviction in Krysiak v Hodgson, [2009] WASC 16 1 but did not appear. The court found the grounds on the submissions were … Continue reading Tadeusz Krysiak

The Corica’s

With a litigation history that rivals that of vexatious litigant Wayne Glew, the Corica's have been involved in at least 17 failed cases in which various flawed contentions were submitted. Although many of the following matters ran concurrently and on the same subject, I have divided them into their particular series as: (1) Corica v … Continue reading The Corica’s

Alan Skyring

Allan Skyring ran the section 115 currency argument persistently for many years. He raised the argument again in 2013, defending a speeding fine. After it was rejected by Magistrate Springer in the Brisbane Magistrates Court, Skyring also applied for a judicial review in Re Skyring [2013] QSC 197 1 on the grounds that there was … Continue reading Alan Skyring

Section 3 – Governor General to be paid in pounds

Section 3 of the Commonwealth Constitution states: 1 “Salary of Governor‑General There shall be payable to the Queen out of the Consolidated Revenue fund of the Commonwealth, for the salary of the Governor‑General, an annual sum which, until the Parliament otherwise provides, shall be ten thousand pounds. The salary of a Governor‑General shall not be … Continue reading Section 3 – Governor General to be paid in pounds

David Walter

In Legal Services Commissioner v Walter [2011] QSC 132 1 the Legal Services Commissioner applied pursuant to s 703 of the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld) for an injunction to restrain David John Walter from engaging in legal practice in the State of Queensland when not an Australian legal practitioner, after the respondent had repeatedly sought, in many … Continue reading David Walter

Dylan Confaloniere

A musician known to quote obscure laws to avoid paying fines has earned the ire of the justice system after claiming it was unlawful for police to ask for his address. Serial court-room pest, Toowoomba man Dylan Confaloniere, 24, has spent the past 18 days in prison after he refused to provide officers with a … Continue reading Dylan Confaloniere

Kosteska v Magistrate Manthey & Anor [2013] QCA 105

Kosteska v Phillips; Kosteska v Commissioner of Police [2011] QCA 266 The applicant contended that the Court of Appeal was not a lawfully established court and raised a complaint that the only form of legal tender was gold or silver coin, in defence of a cannabis charge. Of note in this case is the references … Continue reading Kosteska v Magistrate Manthey & Anor [2013] QCA 105

Steven Spiers 

Steven Spiers is an OPCA litigant now residing in North Queensland, after living in both New South Wales and Victoria, but is originally from the Northern Territory. His current Facebook profile Steven Spiers 1 has been discontinued due to a  ban, however his YouTube account is still active, but all videos have been removed. 2 He has … Continue reading Steven Spiers 

Van den Hoorn v Ellis [2010] QDC 451

In Van den Hoorn v Ellis [2010] QDC 451 the appellant contended he was the “owner of the created fictions known as JOHAN HENDRICK VAN DEN HOORN and JOHN HENRY VAN DEN HOORN, being created fictions fraudulently owned and controlled by legal fictions” which included “australia inc” and “queensland inc”, as well as “queensland transport inc” … Continue reading Van den Hoorn v Ellis [2010] QDC 451

Cash is no good for debts! – section 115

Leonard Clampett repeatedly claimed it was impossible for him to pay fines, tolls, and other state debts because section 115 of the constitution 1 states the government can accept only coins made of gold or silver as payment for debts. He last regurgitated his previously rejected theories in 2012, in Brisbane Magistrates Court, 2 after he … Continue reading Cash is no good for debts! – section 115