Gregory Norman Francis


Gregory Norman Francis is an OPCA adherent in Victoria. After being summoned to court regarding his unpaid fines in 2014, he denied being Gregory Norman Francis, insisting on “Man”, and at one stage claimed he was Michael Coghlan, the name of the judge hearing the matter. After being given several chances to identify himself correctly, Judge Coghlan then issued a warrant for his arrest and that he be remanded in custody for failure to appear. 

Geelong Advertiser: “Alleged fine dodger denies his identity“:

While facing charges of criminal damage and making threats to kill in 2017, he claimed the court had no jurisdiction over him because he “doesn’t exist”, and he wouldn’t answer Judge Barbara Cotterell unless he was called “Man Living in Body”.

In an attempt to calm the man, Judge Cotterell asked that the name “Man Living In Body” be linked to the court file belonging to “Gregory Francis”. When he demanded to know the name of the man on trial, the judge replied, “Gregory Francis, also known as Man Living In Body.”

Now that a compromise had been reached, the case went to trial.

Daily Mail: “‘Man Living in Body’ refuses to answer questions in court after telling judge ‘he doesn’t exist’“:

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