Cayle Jay Skidmore

Cayle Jay Skidmore refused to take a drug test because an online video told him it was “illegal” to be asked


A MAN who tried out advice from YouTube on police officers has learned the hard way that not everything on the internet is true. Cayle Jay Skidmore refused to do a drug test during a random intercept on May 19 because a video he watched told him it was “against the law,” a court was told. The 24-year-old pleaded guilty in the Southport Magistrates Court today to contravening a police direction.

The court was told Skidmore thought it was “illegal” for police to require a person to do more than one type of breath test during a single intercept. He refused to do a drug test after testing negative for alcohol and said he did not “have time” to explain to the officers why. Skidmore addressed Magistrate Pam Dowse in court to explain his “point.”

“I watched a video on YouTube where somebody who was required to give two samples and they didn’t, they actually took it to the high court and because in the constitution it doesn’t say it’s a law, basically he got off on it,” Skidmore said. “I just thought I’d give it a try and see what would happen. I just wanted you to know my point.”

Ms Dowse said Skidmore should go back online and to tell others not to follow the video’s advice. “Put it back on the internet that the advice is not right,” Ms Dowse said. “It’s all rubbish.” He was fined $300. The court was told Skidmore was also charged over failing to provide a specimen of breath in 2016.