Wollongong City Council v Falamaki [2009] FMCA 1204

A 12 year building construction dispute between Dr. Falamaki and the Wollongong City Council led Falamaki to use an unidentified procedure to pay his debt, in Wollongong City Council v Falamaki [2009] FMCA 1204, Dr Falamaki and Ms Williams made an informal application for a person identifying himself as Judge: David-Wynn: Miller to intervene or to appear as amicus curiae in order to prove by evidence and draw the Court’s attention to a series of frauds which they describe and characterise as syntax fraud. The Court noted:

The apparent fervour of the members of this linguistic cult led by Mr Miller has the distinct character of a crusade – searching for a public platform to ventilate their views. This is not a person or persons adopting the traditional and accepted role of amicus curiae. Fraud at common law or in equity concerns the use of false representations to gain an unjust advantage.  Syntax is the grammatical arrangement of words showing their connection and relationship (a set of rules for analysis of this connection and relationship). The concept of fraud perpetrated by syntax is not a concept currently reflected in the Commonwealth or State statutes or at common law.”

“Plenipotentiary judge David-Wynn Miller” appeared once more in Wollongong City Council v Dr Masood Falamaki [2010] NSWLEC 66, this time as agent for Dr. Falamaki, who sought a stay of an order to demolish the house which was the subject of a long running dispute. Miller argued that documents before the court were grammatically incorrect, and that made them invalid.

See also Rambaldi & anor v Rice Bar Restaurant & anor [2018] VSC 218, Maksacheff v Commonwealth Bank of Australia [2017] NSWCA 126 and The Trustee of the Property of Currey (A Bankrupt) v Currey [2017] FCCA 2692David Wynn Miller‘s “syntax grammar fraud” is also raised in relation to the “glossa” or “dog latin” premise concocted by Romley Stewart Stover and Rohan Lorian Hilder. This is covered in The Romley Stewart Deception, by Justinian

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