O’Hagan v Commissioner of Taxation [2020] QDC 288

In O’Hagan v Commissioner of Taxation [2020] QDC 288 the applicant was found guilty after a summary trial of four offences of failing when and as required pursuant to a taxation law to give a return to the Commissioner of Taxation. The appellant appealed his conviction and sentence on grounds that included the Magistrates Court … Continue reading O’Hagan v Commissioner of Taxation [2020] QDC 288

Rambaldi & anor v Rice Bar Restaurant & anor [2018] VSC 218

Rambaldi & anor v Rice Bar Restaurant & anor [2018] VSC 218 (at 27): "On 4 January 2018 the defendant filed an affidavit sworn by him on 28 December 2017.  The affidavit is rambling, nonsensical and, aside from the occasional assertion in respect of matters the subject of this claim, is unresponsive to Mr Rambaldi’s … Continue reading Rambaldi & anor v Rice Bar Restaurant & anor [2018] VSC 218

Commonwealth Bank Of Australia v Palermo [2019] WASC 28

The bank brought proceedings against Ms Palermo, claiming it was owed money pursuant to loan agreements with Ms Palermo.  The Bank also claimed possession of Ms Palermo's land pursuant to a mortgage securing those loans.  In Commonwealth Bank Of Australia v Palermo [2019] WASC 28,  Ms Palermo refused to file a proper defence, but submitted … Continue reading Commonwealth Bank Of Australia v Palermo [2019] WASC 28

Nick Peters

In the primary court prior to Peters v Pimm Pty Ltd [2019] QCA 306 the magistrate found that the applicant had not proved the facts to support his claim, and it was dismissed, and he then appealed to challenge the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal.  He informed the court that he had discovered that “judges of the … Continue reading Nick Peters

Wollongong City Council v Falamaki [2009] FMCA 1204

A 12 year building construction dispute between Dr. Falamaki and the Wollongong City Council led Falamaki to use an unidentified procedure to pay his debt, in Wollongong City Council v Falamaki [2009] FMCA 1204  Dr Falamaki and Ms Williams made an informal application for a person identifying himself as Judge: David-Wynn: Miller to intervene or to … Continue reading Wollongong City Council v Falamaki [2009] FMCA 1204

Mike Holt (CIR NOW)

Mike Holt runs the CIR NOW website, (citizens initiated referendum now) and several other blogs and accounts, such as The Bloody Aussie Battler YouTube channel. The CIR NOW website is full of OPCA related content and pseudo legal myths, constitutional misconceptions spread by various vexatious litigants and more... Here are a few examples of the … Continue reading Mike Holt (CIR NOW)

Rohan Lorian Hilder

Much like Romley Stover, Rohan Hilder doesn't recognise his surname, so he is more commonly known online as Rohan Lorian. Rohan Hilder works with Romley Stover in the Justinian Deception. He often produces conspiratorial videos on YouTube about "grammar" such as this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKZFQEq4now  Rohan Hilder arrested again... Rohan Hilder has been in custody in New … Continue reading Rohan Lorian Hilder

Romley Stewart Stover

Romley Stewart Stover is the author of "The Justinian Deception" 1 he also runs the Justinian Deception website. He doesn't recognise his surname as his own, so you rarely see it online. But just to make sure, on Facebook he goes by the handle Justinian Woodlands 2 or sometimes Codney Woodlands. He uses these false names because his … Continue reading Romley Stewart Stover

David Wynn Miller

David Wynn Miller, (or Judge: DavidWynn: Miller as he prefers 1) was another prominent guru of the sovereign citizen movement, and had capitalised to the extreme on the existing concept that uppercase lettering in peoples names implies a dead corporate entity. He asserted the government is seeking to control the population by controlling grammar, and … Continue reading David Wynn Miller

The Strawman in the Courts

Eddie Ray Kahn, a co-defendant of Wesley Snipes in his high-profile tax evasion case, "made several missteps and peculiar motions. For example, he sought to be immediately freed because the indictment lists his name in all capital letters, and he claimed U.S. attorneys have no jurisdiction because Florida supposedly was never ceded to the federal … Continue reading The Strawman in the Courts

I’m not a citizen and I’m not a person!

Most OPCA concepts revolve around ones legal personality or "Person" and the birth certificate "Strawman" which the OPCA adherent sees as a form of slavery.  The “Strawman” concept reflects a curious belief that an individual, who is conventionally considered to be a single unit, is instead composed of two parts: a physical “man” only subject … Continue reading I’m not a citizen and I’m not a person!

Danny Maksacheff

Danny Maksacheff 1 is an OPCA litigant in New South Wales, who was influenced by a number of people such as Glenn Bowley, Romley Stewart Stover and Rodney Culleton, to pursue the course of action against the bank. Among the various OPCA motifs and constitutional misconceptions, the main premise was the delivery of a promissory … Continue reading Danny Maksacheff

The Romley Stewart Deception, by Justinian

The Justinian Deception by Romley Stewart Stover is a captivating work of fiction. I say fiction because that is all it is, a conspiratorial bedtime story about a world ruled by Rome through the secret use of grammar. There are no references cited that establish his story line as fact, only a couple of cherry-picked … Continue reading The Romley Stewart Deception, by Justinian