Cardinia Shire Council v Kraan [2017] VMC024

Cardinia Shire Council v Kraan [2017] VMC024

The defendant makes 49 various submissions challenging the validity of the proceeding brought against him by the Cardinia Shire Council, and the jurisdiction of the Court to hear the charges. He raised these submissions by tendering a document prepared by Wayne Glew, in which he contends that the Magistrates Court, the County Court and the Supreme Court of Victoria are all trading companies, makes allegations of fraud, treason and misprison of treason, contends that the judges have not taken the correct oath of office, asserts various constitutional misconceptions, and makes other statements that are incorrect in law, incoherent, and have no relevance to the prosecution. I found the submissions and the courts responses regarding references to Lipohar v R(1999) 200 CLR 485 in relation to the common law, and Fejo v Northern Territory (1998) 195 CLR 96 in relation to fee simple alienation were of particular interest, as they are common misconceptions spread by Wayne Glew.

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