Castle v United States (No 3) [2018] FCA 2022

Castle v United States (No 3) [2018] FCA 2022

“I’ve sat and listened to what’s said to be an explanation of some powers of a group said to be called the International Treasury Control organisation. I’ve received documents from someone, purporting to be a representative of that organisation. The submissions that have been made are replete with complex legal language and complex legal ideas. However, they make no real sense to anybody who has studied or practised the law. They proceed on some common themes that we see employed by confidence tricksters. They rely upon the ideas that this is secret and high level, thus explaining why ordinary lawyers, even those quite learned in the law, know nothing of it and fail to grasp what it is said to mean, or fail to understand it as a plausible or rational legal argument. It plays upon the idea that the Castles have become a part of an elite group within society filled with special powers and privileges. It proceeds upon a common trick of shifting the obligation for establishing any rights or entitlements into an obligation upon others to disprove bizarre claims, constantly phrased by way of an obligation upon others to verify these bizarre claims that are made about the Castles, and, as occurs in this case, by way of quite impractical means, for example, requiring or demanding of others to verify the Castles’ claims with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. It also proceeds upon threats that rejection is an affront to a powerful and elite group, in order to attempt to dissuade those who would reject these bizarre claims from doing so, for fear that they themselves may be at risk from some secret and powerful elite within society.

I find it very sad that the Castles have been taken in by these confidence tricksters, and have been taken in to such an extent that it presents now almost as some form of psychosis – a bizarre belief that is unshakeable, even by the obvious difficulties that the arguments present. I do not accept the arguments. I reject them entirely, and I see no purpose to be served by hearing evidence from somebody to further put forward such bizarre and obviously unsustainable claims.”

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