Moon v Secure Funding Pty Ltd [2013] QCA 86

Moon v Secure Funding Pty Ltd [2013] QCA 86

“As a result of, a lack of response, to my recent requests for ‘Validation of Authority’, sent to registry staff, as well as chief justice and state attorney general, I am left with no choice but to cancel the upcoming appeal (CA 9249/12) due to the absence of demonstrated authority. This request (Validation of Authority) was issued in accordance with section 24F of the Commonwealth Crimes Act 1914. The overwhelming evidence reveals that our government, state and commonwealth, and subsequently all of the public service network, are in fact corporations masquerading as government, as is the case now throughout the world, certainly in western ‘democracies’ with central banking systems, or more accurately ‘was the case’ due to the UCC filings by OPPT (One Peoples Public Trust) that comprehensively foreclosed on all corporations, banking systems, including corporations masquerading as government, worldwide, announced on 25th of December 2012. Pursuant to the OPPT foreclosure which effectively cancels all contracts and eliminates all debt, in addition to the unrebutted affidavits relating to the judgment, and fraudulent claim by the first respondent, I DECLARE JUDGMENT IN MY FAVOUR, and hereby consider this matter concluded. Anyone that chooses to ignore this, does so with unlimited personal liability, fully informed, duely noticed, completely devoid of authority, nor legal, or lawful standing. That party also accepts the terms of the attached courtesy notices. Both the alleged Bailiffs office, real estate agents, and Police department are being informed and duely noticed as well. Hereinafter, anyone attempting to enter my property … will be under video surveillance, arrested, detained, and subject to common law private prosecution”.

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