Mick Arnup‎

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Mick Arnup‎ is another Wayne Glew follower, being led down a garden path into inevitable failure in the courts… just like their guru. On his advice, he ceased paying rates on his property. In late 2020 he posted the following response to Wayne Glew from Tony Perrett, Member for Gympie regarding his questions of the legitimacy of local government in Queensland. 

“I totally understand that the 1867 Queensland constitution and the Australia Act are all unlawful, but what can I do now?”

In response, Wayne Glew deleted his post. 

arnot letter
arnot 1st response
arnot 2nd response

Despite having the matter succinctly explained, Mick Arnup continued refusing to pay rates on his property, and doubled down on his beliefs. In September 2021 he issued various notices to the Chief Executive Officer of Gympie Regional Council, Shane Gray (who has since left this position) using the foisted unilateral contract strategy, and on default, a lien in the sum of $40,000,000 for alleged “criminal offences”. 

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