Larry Hannigan

Larry Hannigan announces on his homepage:

“We are all an involuntary part of a social revolution, where political parties feel entitled to take ownership of our individual rights to real and personal property, and where our civil and political rights are abused and overridden by the many politically created entities within the Australian Government System.”

And then immediately in the next line, he gives you his associated religious instruction:

“Acts 5.29 … Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.”

The website perpetuates most of the common constitutional misconceptions spread by the failed vexatious litigants Wayne Glew, Brian Shaw, Peter Gargan, John Wilson etc, and just about any other alleged “constitutional issue” that has already been rejected by the courts. The website does a great job of inciting Australians into failure in the courts.

Besides being taught to obstinately misinterpret the constitution, he also has “Admiralty Law for Beginners” where you can educate yourself about “Your Birth Certificate” and “Your Capitalised Name“.

Larry Hannigan also has quite a few of his videos on a YouTube channel, offering his very flawed conclusions of Australian law.

Larry Hannigan’s Voice of the Australian Constitution

Click to access larry-hannigans-voice-of-the-australian-constitution.pdf