Donohue v Victorian Electoral Commission [2015] VSC 98

In Donohue v Victorian Electoral Commission [2015] VSC 98 Garde J considered an application by GJ Donohue to restrain the State general election.  The statement of issues relied upon included:

  • The removal of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors and subjects from statute law within the State of Western Australia
  • The creation of invalid Acts and activation and use of such invalid Acts creating criminal offences
  • The involvement of respective State Governors in the concealment of the criminal removal of Her Majesty and substitution of the Governor of Western Australia beginning 1 January 2004, Governor John Sanderson (WA), Governor Ken Michael (WA), Governor Malcolm McCusker (WA), Governor Kerry Sanderson (WA)
  • The illegal and criminal removal of Her Majesty creates the twin criminal offences of treason defined in law as breach of Allegiance and misprision of treason. Such offences are both common law and statue law in both State and Commonwealth Codes in addition to common law.
  • The criminal converting and trading of Australian Birth Certificates on world stock exchanges without the knowledge nor consent of each Australian named on such Birth Certificate criminally converted to trading bonds
  • The receiving entity (the trustee) is Fidelity Investments (USA); such entity also trades all court room transactions inclusive of all lawyers trust accounts, involving every lawyer, magistrate and judge in the criminal offence of trading Australians on world stock exchanges via Fidelity Investments using CUSIP or QCINS references.
  • It is also to be noted that Mr Mark Pedley sits in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal as the Judicial Review Officer to handle and/or suppress all grand jury lodgements and/or grand jury documents. In the year 2004 Mr Pedley was the Deputy Director of the Commonwealth Public Prosecution Office subject to Damian Bugg, the Director.
  • The criminal offence set out at Section 34 Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) in relation to judges and magistrates exercising federal jurisdiction with a personal interest.
  • The judicial corruption involving the concealment of all Grand Jury Applications lodged at the Victorian Supreme Court Criminal Jurisdiction prior to any purported abolition of such grand jury statute right, inclusive of the ten Grand Jury Applications lodged in March 2008 relating to Justice Nettle and the involvement of Mr Mark Pedley in the concealment of such, meaning the collusion between the Office of Public Prosecutions (Cth) and the Victorian Supreme Court in particular the Full Court or Court of Appeal.

Garde J dismissed the application on the basis that the allegations in the petition, including those set out above, were an abuse of process, irrelevant and in some cases scandalous.

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